Changing the Appearance of Hotmail Reading Pane

If you want to make your account on Outlook to be more user-friendly and agreeable, you may opt to change the looks of the Hotmail reading pane.


Even though it is fairly easy to realize, you will be able to manage your account more effectively. Also, you will get rid of some annoying attributes that might have bothered you before. However, there are several more settings you can take advantage of and change the looks of your Hotmail inbox. So, follow the guidelines that we have provided in order to make your Hotmail account be user-friendly.

hotmail reading pane

Get logged in to your Hotmail account in order to configure the mail inbox

  • First of all, start this entire procedure by launching your browser and going to the following website:
  • On that website, you should find a menu of applications from Microsoft, which must be located somewhere at the top. In that menu, you have to select

reading pane of hotmail

In order to proceed further, you have to enter the password of your email account

  • Once you have got to see the main page of Hotmail, you need to log in and change the Hotmail reading pane. Start by entering your email address or phone number and clicking on the blue “Next” button. After that, you should type the password in the given field and click on “Sign in.”
  • If you have done all of these actions correctly, you will see the inbox page of your Hotmail address. Find the button of the mail settings in the right-upper part of the page, which is located in the midst of the help and the notifications buttons. When you have spotted the button, click on it immediately. In the pop-up menu, click on “Options.”

hotmail inbox

In the settings of mail, you have to find and opt “Options”

  • To the right side, you will see a menu of various options. You need to go Mail > Layout. There are several sections where we can change the looks of your Hotmail account. First, go to the section of reading pane (it must be the last one).
  • On that page, you will get 4 main sections of adjusting the Hotmail reading pane. First setting allows you adjust whether the reading pane will be displayed (and in which place) or hidden. The second setting allows you to configure what letter to open after moving or deleting the letter you were viewing – the next or the previous one. The other two settings allow you to configure where you write a message and the way how should the messages be displayed. Once you have configured all, click on the “Save” button.

change hotmail reading pane

You need to apply new settings in these sections if you want to change the appearance of your Hotmail reading pane

  • Go to the section of conversations. There, you are able to choose where will be the newest messages displayed as well as whether the deleted items should be displayed. After it, click on the “Save” button at the top. You can repeat this procedure with the rest of the settings in the layout category.

If you want to find out more about using Hotmail, get to know how to sign in to, sign up for, or join Hotmail. Good luck with Hotmail!