How to Connect Your Hotmail Account to Dropbox

Hotmail remains one of the most popular email services due to the abundance of useful features one may find there. One of such features is an ability to connect your Hotmail account to Dropbox and other storage services. In result, you will be able to attach files from such services to your letters in one click. Follow our guidelines in order to take advantage of this wonderful feature.


How to Connect Your Hotmail Account to Dropbox

First of all, select Outlook in the MSN office

  • First of all, go to the website of MSN office and select Outlook among other Microsoft apps:

hotmail and dropbox

In order to connect your Hotmail account to Dropbox, you should sign in to your account first

  • You will be redirected to another page where you will have to click on the huge “Sign in” button.

dropbox and hotmail

Provide your email address and click on “Next” 

  • Following it, you will have to complete the procedure of Hotmail sign in. First of all, provide your email address and click on “Next.”

connect dropbox to outlook account

After entering the password, click on “Sign in”

  • After that, type your password in the given field and click on “Sign in.”

link dropbox to outlook account

In the dropdown menu, you should select “Options” in order to connect your Hotmail account to Dropbox

  • In the right-upper corner, there will be a button of settings. Click on it and trigger a pop-up menu, in which you should select “Options.”

link hotmail and dropbox

This page allows you to connect your Hotmail account to Dropbox

  • Once you have opened the page of settings, you will have to go to Mail > Attachment options > Storage accounts.

link outlook and dropbox

You need to select “Dropbox” among other services

  • On the Storage accounts page, there will be various storage services specified. You need to click on “Add Dropbox.”

outlook help

Click on the “Allow” button in order to connect the two services

  • Right after that, you will see a new window getting opened in your browser. There, you should click on the “Allow” button.

outlook support

The page will be displayed this way, once your two accounts will get synchronized

  • Eventually, you will be redirected back to the Storage accounts page. There, you will get to see that Dropbox got to the top of the page while the other services remained lower. Moreover, it will feature your email address – that means that you have just synchronized your accounts with each other.

hotmail support

This way, you can attach files from your Dropbox account right when writing an email letter

  • Now, you can go to your inbox and try to attach a file from Dropbox while writing an email letter. Click on the “Write a letter.” In the window where you write a letter, click on the “Attach a file” button. Once you have done that, you will notice that, apart from OneDrive (the service of Microsoft) and Computer, there appeared the service of Dropbox. You are able to click on it and attach a file from your Dropbox account right away.