How to Manage Your Hotmail Account’s Privacy

Privacy is an important issue in the modern-day digital world, and it is important to know how to protect it. With our in-depth, step-by-step guide, you can easily configure your Hotmail account’s privacy settings and ensure that no one gets access to the information you wish not to be shared or displayed. Just follow the guidelines presented below and adjust the settings of your account on Hotmail.


Hotmail Account’s Privacy

The first thing in customizing your Hotmail account’s privacy settings is accessing your account

privacy of hotmail account

In order to sign in to your account, click on this huge button

  • On the Microsoft’s website, you will see a menu of applications, colored in blue and placed at the top. There, you should choose “”

Privacy of your hotmail account

After typing your email in the given field, click on “Next”

  • Once you have been redirected to the next page, click on the “Sign in” button.

manage privacy of hotmail account

Enter the password of yours and click on „Sign in”

  • On the main page of the Outlook’s website, you should enter your email address in the field there and click on “Next.”

ensure privacy on hotmail

In order to manage the settings of your Hotmail account’s privacy, click on the your profile’s icon and select “View Account”

  • After it, type the password of yours in the next field and click on “Sign in.”
  • After doing so, you will access your inbox on Hotmail. In the right-upper corner of the inbox page, you will notice your profile photo. Click on it and trigger a pop-up window, in which you should click on “View account.”

hotmail privacy protection

Choose the menu item „Privacy“ among others

  • Following it, you will see the page with the information about your account. On the blue line, you should click on “Privacy.”

outlook account privacy

This way looks the page of privacy in Hotmail

  • Then, you will access the page of your account’s privacy. Scroll down and you will get to see the private information about your account in Hotmail as well as in other Microsoft’s services (such as Microsoft Health). You should focus on “Search history” and “Browsing history” (if you use Bing as a search engine). If not, skip it. Then, click on the “View and Clear Location Activity.”

privacy of outlook account

By clicking on any of these buttons, you can manage your Hotmail account’s privacy settings

  • You will be redirected to the page, which displays your location and the places from which you have logged in to your account – actually, the essential information. You can view it as a map and as a table. Under the “Clear location activity” block, click on the “Clear location activity” button if you want to remove that information (see the screenshot).

privacy on hotmail

Here, you can also manage the privacy of some other Microsoft’s apps

  • After that, the information about your locations will be removed. You can clear all the other information in a pretty same way.

outlook privacy

If you want to clear data about your locations, click on this button