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The only thing you have got to do in order to have a Hotmail account is to complete the Hotmail sign up procedure, which, fairly speaking, is not difficult or time-consuming at all., a provider of email services, also known as and owned by Microsoft, would stand as a good option if you have faced a need to create another email account. Apart from a large number of people who resort to using the services of Outlook, this email provider offers a large number of useful features, and you are able to benefit from them. What is especially good about this provider is the simplicity of configuring one’s account and adjusting the features that have been mentioned above.

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Hotmail Sign Up on PC Step-by-Step:


  • First Step. First of all, launch the browser and access the website of Outlook:


create new hotmail account

You need to click on this button and start creating an account on Hotmail




  • Second Step. Now you must be redirected to the main page of Hotmail, where you need to click on “Create free account

set up username hotmail account create

After you have entered your future username in this field, click on “NEXT”

  • Third Step. Enter your desired username. If it’s not available, try another one. Choose between or account.


  • Fourth Step. Enter your desired password.

signing up for Hotmail

At this point, you should specify a password for your future Hotmail account

  • Third Step. Immediately after doing so, you will appear on the page with the Hotmail sign up form. Fill that form in. There is nothing difficult to do, as you have to provide just the most important information: your full name, username, password, country, date of birth, and sex. Apart from that, you will be also asked to provide additional means of getting in touch with you: either another email address or your phone number. Provide one of these two options by typing it in the respective field. After all, type the symbols from the Captcha and click on the button for account creation below.

hotmail account creation

You will also be asked to enter your first and last name, which will be associated with your account

  • Fourth Step. However, Microsoft might require you to prove that you are a real person once again. At this moment, you need to provide your phone number. Choose the country and enter the phone number, receive a message with the access code consisting of 4 digits, type it in the given field, and click on “Create an account.”

how to sign up for hotmail step by step

As you can see from this image, you will be asked to provide some additional details about yourself

  • Fifth Step. You have almost completed the sign-up process. Now, you need to specify what time zone and what language of the interface you prefer. After doing so, click on a large text button with the word “Save.” A couple of seconds later, the inbox of your Hotmail account will be opened in the browser.

signing up for Hotmail

At this point, you have to enter a Captcha code and prove that you are a human

make a new hotmail account

Now, you can finish setting up your account on Outlook

set up hotmail account

Here, you can select the language of the interface and the timezone

make account on hotmail

Selecting a different theme will make your Hotmail account look nicer

sign up for hotmail on PC

At this point, you can add a signature to your Hotmail account

make an account on hotmail step by step

This message shows that your new account on Hotmail has just been set up




How to Use Outlook Mobile App:

A really great thing about using a Hotmail email address is that you can do it with a great comfort its own mobile app. As this part of our guide will demonstrate, you can get the Outlook mobile app installed onto your smartphone in a pretty quick way. You should simply follow our guidelines and let us know in the comments if something is unclear !

search for hotmail app

You can start the process of installing Hotmail on your smartphone by looking for “outlook” in the market app

  • First of all, you should start by launching Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone.

where to get hotmail app

You are able to start the process of installing the Outlook app by tapping this button

  • Once you have done that, you should type “outlook” or “Hotmail” in the search field of that application.

download hotmail app

This download progress bar shows that the app is being downloaded onto your smartphone

  • In the field of the search results that you have just to see, you have to select the first option.

where to download outlook app

Now, you can see that the app is being installed on the device

  • Now, you have just got to see the page of this mobile app. In order to start installing this mobile application, you should tap on the “INSTALL” button.

where to launch microsoft outlook app

You can open the newly installed app right from the page of this app in Google Play or Apple Store

  • In a moment, you will notice there a download progress bar, which will start moving – this means that the app is being currently downloaded onto your smartphone.
  • Once you have got to see the “UNINSTALL” and “OPEN” buttons on the next page, that means that the app has just been installed onto your smartphone. You can launch this mobile application right from this page just by tapping on the “OPEN” button.


Register a New Account in Outlook Mobile App:

Once you have got this mobile app onto your smartphone, you will be able to access your Hotmail account from any place and at any time. But if you don’t have an account on Outlook yet, you can complete a fairly simple Hotmail sign up procedure and set up your own account on Outlook in a matter of minutes. This guide will show you how to sign up for Hotmail using the official mobile app.

get outlook account on mobile phone

You need to tap on the “GET STARTED” button if you want to sign up for Hotmail

  • The first thing you should do is to find the “Microsoft Outlook” app on your smartphone and tap on its icon.

register outlook account on mobile device

You should enter your future email address in the provided field and tap “CONTINUE” then

  • After you have launched this mobile application, you will have to tap on the “GET STARTED” button, placed on its main page.

sign up for outlook account step by step

You can start signing up for Hotmail by tapping on this button

  • Now, you have to enter the email address of your future account and tap on “Continue.”

outlook mobile sign up

You can tap this button and proceed with the account creation on Hotmail

  • In a moment, you will get an error, saying that such an account does not exist. Just below the field where your email address is written, you should tap on the “Create one” text button.

sign up for hotmail on android devices

After setting up a password for your future Hotmail account, you may tap this button

  • Following it, you will be able to start setting up your own Hotmail account. For that, you should tap on the “Next” button.

sign up for hotmail on iphone

You have to specify your first and last name in these fields

  • Right after that, you will be able to set up a password for your Hotmail account. For this, you should type your future password in the provided field and tap on the “Next” button.

create outlook account on smartphone

This page requires you to provide the information about your birthdate and country of residence

  • On the next page, you should type your first name in the first field and your last name in the second field. Following it, you should tap on “Next.”

outlook account registration explained

After you have typed the Captcha code in the provided field, tap on this button

  • Once that has been done, you will get to see a page where you should select your country (in the first field) and your date of birth (in the second field). Then, tap on “Next.”

make hotmail account on mobile device step by step

You have to provide your phone number and receive a verification code from Microsoft

  • Following it, you will be asked to verify that you are not a robot on the next page. For that, you should enter the Captcha code in the provided field and tap the “Next” button.

how to sign up for hotmail on a smartphone

The verification code from Microsoft will look something like this, and you should use it for activating your account

  • Right after doing so, you will have to select your country in the first field and type your phone number in the second field. Then, tap on the “Send code” button.

hotmail account creation

Now, you need to tap this button and activate your account on Hotmail

  • Following it, you will receive an SMS message with a verification code onto your smartphone.

how do I sign up for hotmail

If you don’t want to add any other accounts to your Outlook app, you should tap this button

  • Type the verification code you have just received in the provided field and tap on the “Next” button.
  • After you have done that, you will be offered to link more accounts to your Hotmail account. In order to avoid this, you should tap on the “SKIP” text button.

hotmail sign up explained step by step

Once have got to see your email inbox, that means that you have succeeded to sign up for Hotmail on a smartphone

  • Eventually, you will access the inbox of your newly created account, which means that you have succeeded to sign up for Hotmail.


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Signing Up for Hotmail:

Q: How do you set up a Hotmail account

A: Our guide contains exact instructions on how to set up a Hotmail account step by step. We highly recommend you to follow those instructions. If you face any problems with it, we recommend you to contact the Hotmail customer support or describe your issue to us in the comments.

Q: Do Hotmail email addresses still work

A: Yes, Hotmail email addresses are still valid and used on Outlook.

Q: How do I create a second Hotmail account

A: You can set up a second Hotmail account by following the same signup procedure, described in our article. The only thing is that you must make a different username than one of your first accounts on Hotmail.

Q: How many accounts can I have on Hotmail

A: You can have as many accounts on Hotmail as you want.

Q: How to create a Hotmail account without a phone number

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to create an account without a phone number on Hotmail.


Apart from completing the Hotmail sign up procedure, visit the Hotmail Sign In page for getting to know how to log in to the system fast and easy. Also, there you will get to know how to recover one’s password from Hotmail. It may be useful for you to visit the parental page as well.