Importing Contacts to Your Hotmail Account

If you have just created a Hotmail account – perhaps, with using our Create New Account Hotmail, Hotmail Sign In, and Hotmail Sign Up guides, you may have a need to resort to the procedure of importing contacts.


Indeed, you probably want to have the people you usually talk to in the contact list, but after creating an email account on another email platform you need to start over. Well, actually not at all. You can actually import contacts from the existing email addresses into your newly created Hotmail account. Even though it may take a bit of your precious time, it is far better to carry out this procedure than doing it manually. Make use of this guide in order to save some time.

hotmail account

Access your Hotmail account in order to start the procedure of importing contacts

  • At first, you have to open your browser and go to the website of MSN:
  • Naturally, you will see a menu of Microsoft applications on that website. The menu must be at the top of the page, and click on right after spotting the menu.

hotmail import contacts

In order to access the account, you naturally have to enter the password

  • You will get to see the main webpage of Outlook, and there you have to type your email address in the given field. Click on the “Next” button.
  • Enter your password and click to sign in to your Hotmail account.

contacts import hotmail

After clicking on the button of mail settings, you have to select “Options” in the pop-up menu that has been just opened

  • Find the button of the mail settings placed in the right-upper corner and give it a click. Once you have completed this action, a pop-up menu will be opened. Among other things, you have to click on the “Options” field.
  • Immediately after doing so, you will get to see a menu of settings. It will be placed on the right side of your screen. In that menu, you need to go to People > Import Contacts.

importing contacts to hotmail

By clicking on this section, you can proceed further and kick start the process of importing contacts

  • On the given page, choose one of the services where you want to import your contacts from: Gmail, old Outlook, Yahoo mail, or Windows Live Mail. In order to start the process of importing contacts, select the options that suits you.
  • Once you have clicked on the respective option, you will get to see the instructions how to get the list of contacts in the CSV format. Carefully read it, access the other email account (where you want to import the contacts from) of yours, and carry out the actions described in the instructions.

import of contacts

By following the instructions you have got here, you can easily import the contacts you want

  • After you have downloaded the CSV file of contacts, get back to that Hotmail page. Click on the “Browser” button and find the file on your computer. Click on the “Upload” button. After several seconds, you will see how your contact list will be updated.