List of Best Apps for Hotmail

There are lots of third-party Android apps for Hotmail, giving a free space to the users to pick some alternatives.


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Below the official Outlook app, you can see a number of other apps for Hotmail

Hotmail, also known as after Microsoft had acquired this company, is an extremely popular email service and is considered to be in the top 3 of the best email service providers in the developed world. However, it is not a secret that its official Android app is not that comfortable for using. Luckily, there have been developed a number of other apps that support the use of Hotmail email addresses. Find out about the best apps for Hotmail below.

An Alternative to the Official Outlook App

best apps for hotmail

Email App for Outlook, even though it is called so, supports not solely Outlook but a number of other email services

If you want to use another application that is more comfortable and user-friendly than Microsoft’s official Outlook app, the first Android app you should consider is the Email App for Outlook. Even though it contains the words “for Outlook” in its name, the app supports Google (i.e. Gmail) and other providers of email services.

This app is able to boast a user-friendly, simplistic design that makes the use of the app quite easy. At the same time, you are able to view mailing with your friends or colleagues as a thread, instead of searching email one by one. More convenient search and a reliable security system must incline you to be in favor of this app, as well.

Get Notifications While Keeping Your Email Safe

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Email Notifier for Outlook is an extremely useful app for those people who resort to using the Hotmail service for business matters

If the Email Notifier for Outlook app could be described in two words, those words would be “promptness” and “security.” As one can grasp from the app’s name, it is created with a single purpose: the app immediately notifies you about a new letter that you have received. Yet, you can read and answer to the letter right away. At the same time, the app does not store any other information that can be accessed from your PC or laptop, thus making your email address less vulnerable.

Synchronization Made Simpler

android applications for hotmail

Apart from making synchronization with Microsoft servers better and easier, this app can boast a number of other useful features

Nine – Outlook for Android has been developed with a purpose to make synchronize with your Hotmail account and the servers simpler. Also, you will be able to make use of various widgets and settings that you could previously access only with a laptop or PC. The app supports the feature of multiple accounts. However, the only drawback is that your information becomes more vulnerable after accessing it with a smartphone.

App for Hotmail Paradise

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Email for Outlook-Hotmail app has been developed by Dustin Apps solely for Hotmail

The Email for Outlook-Hotmail app is designed especially for Hotmail, unlike the first app in this list. It boasts a great, user-friendly design and almost a complete set of features that you could previously enjoy only with a PC or laptop. A worthy option for accessing your Hotmail account with a smartphone.

Stressing the Productivity

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Another creation in the list of apps for Hotmail, which allows the users to connect to their Hotmail accounts easily

The last app in this list, namely Connect for Hotmail – Outlook, promises to load three times faster than any other Hotmail app. Also, the company proudly boasts that the app requires a bit more than 3 MB of storage, which is really impressive. This app would be a great option for you, if you don’t use Hotmail a way often.

Apart from the Android apps for Hotmail, you can find out about how to sign in to, sign up for, and create an account at Hotmail.