How to Check the Last Login Time in Hotmail

If you want to make sure that your account on Hotmail is safe (or if you are seeing some suspicious activity on your account), you can try to check the last login time in Hotmail. That will help you to find out whether anyone else has received access to your account. You can check this … Read more

Arranging the Settings of Hotmail Accounts

Settings of Hotmail accounts are one of the key components in the process of configuring your Hotmail account. In order to configure the settings of Hotmail accounts, you have to sign in to your Outlook account Indeed, it may seem as not so important as arranging other settings – like the security and anti-spam settings … Read more

Automatization of Hotmail Mailing

Automatization of Hotmail mailing allows you to notify people who are in your contact list – or even those that have just sent you a letter – about certain events or facts. If you are going to go on a trip, for instance, switching the feature of automatic replies on would be a great solution … Read more

How to Manage Hotmail Add-Ins

Given the abundance of various Hotmail settings, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this email service is so popular among a wide audience. One of the useful features you are able to take advantage of is the feature of Hotmail add-ins. Basically, you can add some really useful tools to your Hotmail account and … Read more

How to Enhance Hotmail Account’s Security

If you want to make sure that your Hotmail (which is now known as Outlook) account will not be hacked, you need to customize the settings of your Hotmail account’s security. There is nothing difficult in doing so, and this guide will give you an insight about how to enhance security of your Outlook account. … Read more