How to Manage Hotmail Add-Ins

Given the abundance of various Hotmail settings, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this email service is so popular among a wide audience. One of the useful features you are able to take advantage of is the feature of Hotmail add-ins. Basically, you can add some really useful tools to your Hotmail account and … Read more

How to Enhance Hotmail Account’s Security

If you want to make sure that your Hotmail (which is now known as Outlook) account will not be hacked, you need to customize the settings of your Hotmail account’s security. There is nothing difficult in doing so, and this guide will give you an insight about how to enhance security of your Outlook account. … Read more

List of Best Apps for Hotmail

There are lots of third-party Android apps for Hotmail, giving a free space to the users to pick some alternatives. Below the official Outlook app, you can see a number of other apps for Hotmail Hotmail, also known as after Microsoft had acquired this company, is an extremely popular email service and is considered … Read more

How to Manage Your Tasks in Hotmail

One of the important features you can find in Outlook is an ability to manage tasks in Hotmail. This feature actually allows you to set up tasks, track your performance in regards to the set tasks, receive notifications, and many more things. So if you want to know how to take advantage of tasks in … Read more

How to Сhange Your Hotmail Password

Hotmail is, indeed, a highly popular provider of email services, and sometimes you need to change Hotmail password from the email account. When it comes to change Hotmail password, Microsoft has made the procedure of doing it quite cumbersome. So, be ready to spend 5 minutes of your time for changing the password for your … Read more