How to Manage Your Tasks in Hotmail

One of the important features you can find in Outlook is an ability to manage tasks in Hotmail. This feature actually allows you to set up tasks, track your performance in regards to the set tasks, receive notifications, and many more things. So if you want to know how to take advantage of tasks in Hotmail, proceed to the step-by-step guide, published right below.


tasks in Hotmail

You should choose Hotmail among other MSN apps

tasks in outlook

Click on the „Sign in“ button in order to proceed further

  • On that website, you will notice a menu of apps at the top. There, you should give a click to “”

outlook tasks

After typing your email address in, click on the “Next” button

  • Proceed further by clicking on the huge “Sign in” button on the next page.

hotmail tasks

In order to access your inbox, type your password in the given field and click on the “Sign in” button

  • Once you have got to see the main webpage of Outlook, type your email address in that field and click on “Next.”

hotmail organizer

You can spot the button of tasks in Hotmail below the category/folder list

  • Following it, type your password and click on “Sign in.”

outlook organizer

You should go to the list of your tasks in Hotmail

  • Eventually, you will access the inbox. In your inbox, you should pay attention to a tiny menu of icons, located below the categories box on the left. Click on the right “Tasks” button.

organizer in hotmail

By clicking on this button, you can create a new task

  • After doing so, you will access the page of your tasks. In the menu on the left, click on “Tasks.”

organizer in outlook

This way looks a form you have to fill in for creating a task in Hotmail

  • At the top, you will notice the “New” button. Give it a click.
  • In the window that will open up, you will be able to set up a new task.

things to do in hotmail

Once the form is completed, click on the “Save” button

  • In that window, you should specify the following settings of your task: Subject (name or what to do), due (when it must be completed), start date, end date (you should specify it when it’s completed), status (“in progress”, for example), % of completion, priority (normal, urgent, etc.), private or not, and must be repeated or not. Also, you can set a reminder, which will regularly or once remind you about the task. In the fields located a bit lower, you can specify how many hours you need, how many hours you have already spent, billing, mileage, and the company. At the end, fill the description box.

hotmail things to do

On this page, you can see the list of your tasks in Hotmail (including recently added tasks)

  • After having filled all the fields you need, click on “Save” button. Before it, you can also attach some files by clicking on “Attach.”
  • That’s all. Now, the new task will be listed in the list of your tasks in Hotmail and can be edited anytime. If you want to report that the task is completed, click on the “Complete” button in the top menu.

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