Adjusting Your Instagram Settings

If you have just joined such a social network as Instagram, you might have a need to configure the Instagram settings.


Thankfully, the developers concentrated their efforts on bringing an easy-to-use, convenient service, so there will not be much of the settings to adjust. Thanks to such simplicity, myriads of users keep flocking to Instagram. So if you have a necessity to change the default Instagram settings, follow our detailed guide which is published below.

instagram settings

Prior to configuring your Instagram settings, you need to log in to the service

  • In the first place, you have to open the browser and go to the following webpage:
  • Once you have accessed the main page of Instagram, find a text “Log in” button, placed at the bottom of the page, near the “Have an account” question. Click on it.

change instagram settings

Sign in to Instagram by entering your username and password and clicking on this button

  • On the next page, you have to complete the procedure of Instagram sign in. Just enter your username (not email address, it’s important!) and password of the account. Then, click on the “Log in” button. You can visit this page, if you have faced any problems.
  • After you have accessed your Instagram profile, find a button in the shape of a person, located in the right-upper corner. Click on it.

apply new instagram settings

Click on this button, if you want to access the page of your Instagram account

  • When you will get to see the page of your profile, click on the “Edit profile” button.
  • That is the place where you can adjust Instagram settings. On the left, you can see a menu consisting of 5 sections. In the 4 sections (save the first one), you can arrange the settings of your account.

adjust instagram settings

You have to click on this button in order to access the Instagram settings of your account

  • Go to the “Change Password” section, if you need to change the password of your account. Enter your old (actual) password, enter a new password in the next two fields, and click on the “Change Password” button.
  • In the section of “Authorized Applications”, you can see the apps the use of which you have authorized with your Instagram account. However, you are able to limit access and deprive of the authorization by clicking on the respective button near the specific app.


You have to configure Instagram settings in these sections

  • In the section of “Comments”, you are able to manage the comments you receive. By placing a tick near the first field, you can enable auto censorship of the offensive comments you receive. If you enter certain keywords in the last field, all the comments that contain such words will be hidden. Don’t forget to click on the “Submit” button.
  • Go to the section of “Email Preferences.” There, you can unsubscribe from certain types of letters by removing a tick near the respective fields (there are four types of letters you will receive from Instagram). These are all of the settings you need to configure on Instagram.

If you still haven’t joined Instagram, follow the guidelines provided in the Create New Account Instagram and Instagram Sign Up guides.