How to Change Your Instagram Password

The simple, step-by-step guide, published below, shows you how to change  Instagram password with pointers. Just follow the instructions and get the password changed momentously.


Instagram, the world’s leading social network for sharing photos online, has focused its efforts on delivering the service where users have to make few efforts. Even the social network’s design shows that the developers have focused on developing a simple, user-friendly, easy-to-use service. Therefore, it should be anyhow surprising that the procedure for changing Instagram password is extremely simple as well. Indeed, it is possible to change Instagram password from your Instagram account within 60 seconds, which is literally several clicks.

Change Instagram Password on PC Step-by-Step:


Change Instagram Password

Log in to Instagram by entering your username and password as well as clicking on this button after it

  • First Step. In the first place, go to the Instagram’s main page by launching the browser and copying the following link into its address line: (don’t forget to hit “Enter”).

Change your Instagram password

In order to change your Instagram password, click on this button, which will direct you to the Instagram profile

  • Second Step. Once you are out there, you can see a sign in form. So, enter your username as well as the password and click on the blue “Log in” button. You can also access your account with the help of Facebook: click on the “Log in with Facebook” button, located right below the “Log in” button.

Instagram password change

You have to change your password in your profile settings, so click this button for getting to the settings page

  • Third Step. When you have accessed your Instagram profile, you must be directed to the news feed. So, click on the profile icon, located in the right-upper corner (have a look at the screenshot).

create new password instagram

In the settings menu located on the left side, click on the “Change Password” section

  • Fourth Step. Immediately after it, you will get to see the page of your profile. Beside your username, you will see a black-white “Edit Profile” button, and you need to give it a click.

set up new password instagram

Your old password must be automatically entered, and all you have is just to fill the remaining two fields with your new Instagram password

  • Fifth Step. By clicking on that button, you have accesses your Instagram account’s settings. On the left, there will be a menu of settings where you have to select “Change Password.” Do so.

Instagram password change

This message will be displayed once your Instagram password has been updated

  • Sixth Step. Now, you will get to see the page where you can change Instagram password. The old password must be already auto entered. If the field of the old (i.e. current) password is empty, type it manually. Then, compose a reliable password and type it in the remaining two fields. The drawback of Instagram, though, is that the system allows to create pretty weak passwords. However, it is recommended to create a strong password, with over 10 symbols including letters and digits. Once you have typed the password in, click on “Change Password.”
  • Seventh Step. If you have noticed a green text “Password changed”, then you can use your newly set password for Instagram account.


Change Your Instagram Password on iPhone and Android Smartphone:

One thing about Instagram is sure: the functionality of its app is astonishing. And, of course, there should be no surprise that you can change your Instagram password right in the official app of this network. This actually makes it easy to change your Instagram password while using an Android phone or an iPhone. This part of our guide will show you how to change Instagram password within its app, and you are welcomed to comment about our guide !

instagram mobile change password

Before you will be able to change your Instagram password, you should launch this mobile application in the first place

  • In order to start the procedure of the Instagram password change, you should find the Instagram app icon on your smartphone and tap on it.

change password in instagram app

In order to be able to change the password of your Instagram account, you must log in to your account

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see that the app has just been launched on your mobile phone. At the center of that page, you will get to see the sign in form, and you must make use of that form in order to log in to your account on Instagram.

change password in instagram mobile application

You need to access the page of your Instagram profile in order to start changing the password

  • In order to log in to your Instagram account there, you must enter your username, email address, or phone number in the first field. Then, type your password in the second field and tap on the “Log In” button.

change instagram password on iphone

At this point, you need to go to the settings of your account and start changing your Instagram password there

  • After you have accessed your Instagram account, you can start changing your password. On your Instagram home page, you must tap on the icon of your profile, placed in the right-bottom corner.

change instagram password on android

If you wish to change your password on Instagram, you must tap on this section and access it

  • Once you have got to see your profile page, you must tap on the “Settings” icon, which can be found in the right-upper corner.

can I change my Instagram password without knowing old one

You need to enter your current password in this field and proceed further

  • Following it, you will get to see the page of your Instagram account’s settings. On that page, you must tap on the “Password” menu item.

Instagram password change process explained

These are the fields where you must enter a new password that you want to apply to your Instagram account

  • Right after that, you will be redirected to the page where you can apply a new password to your Instagram account.
  • First, you must enter your old (current) password in the first field of the password change form.

change password on Instagram step by step

After you will tap on this button, the changes you have made to your Instagram password will be confirmed

  • Next, you have to come up with a strong, reliable password for your Instagram account. We recommend that this password must include capital letters, small letters, digits and special symbols.
  • Once you have created a solid password, you must enter it in the remaining two fields of that form.
  • After you have completed that password change form, you can confirm the changes by tapping on the “Confirm” button, which can be found in the right-upper corner.

Instagram password help

Now, you will have to use a new password each time you will attempt to log in to your Instagram account

  • Right after doing so, you will be brought back to the page of your Instagram account’s settings again. From that very moment on, you will have to use a new password every time you will attempt to log in to your Instagram account.


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Password Change:

Q: Is it difficult to change a password on Instagram

A: As you could see from this guide, the entire procedure of Instagram password change is very simple and quick. You can actually get it done within a minute or two. As our article has shown, you can do it both on your PC and on your smartphone (in the app or in a mobile browser). We recommend you to stick to our guidelines, so you will spend less time on changing your password.

Q: Why should I change my Instagram password if everything has worked just fine for a long period of time

A: The basics of the internet proclaims the following: you have to change your password at least every 2-3 months. And while many users tend to neglect this advice, you will keep your account in a far greater safety if you follow this advice. Besides, there may be many different situations when you will have a need to change your Instagram password.

Q: How can I make my Instagram account more secure

A: As we have shortly pointed out in our article, you must apply secure and strong passwords to your accounts. For instance, we recommend you to use a combination of capital letters, small letters, digits, and special symbols – this will make it difficult for someone else to access your account.

Q: How do I change my password on Instagram if I forgot it

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to change your current Instagram password if you don’t know it – even if the current session has been preserved. In the case when you don’t know your Instagram password, you need to resort to the procedure of the password recovery: follow the guidelines of this article and get your Instagram password recovered – the recovery of the Instagram password naturally includes its changing as well.

Q: What are the requirements for an Instagram password

A: Fortunately or not, but the requirements for an Instagram password are not tough. There is only one requirement for an Instagram password: it must be longer than 6 symbols. Even if your password consists only of 6 digits, Instagram will accept it. But we highly recommend you to make much stronger passwords (read about it above).

Q: How do I get a forgotten password

A: Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve a forgotten Instagram password. Thus, if you are seeking what to do in such a situation, there is the only solution: recover your Instagram password.

Q: How to change Instagram password without email

A: You can change your Instagram without email address in a very simple way: you need just to know your current password. Then, you need to log in to your account using your mobile phone number or username, go to your account’s settings, enter your old and new password.

Q: Why did Instagram change my password

A: Instagram does not change anyone’s password, nor it cannot do so. If you have password has been changed and you sure that you have not made this change, you must immediately contact the Instagram customer support and explain your issue. The sooner you will contact the customer support, the higher are the chances that you will get your account back.

Q: How to change your Instagram password back to an old one

A: You can follow the guidelines, provided in this guide. In the field “Current Password,” you must enter your present Instagram password. In the next two fields, you must enter your old password that you want to become the actual one for your account.