Facebook Is Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories

Facebook, currently the world’s largest social network, introduced the feature of Facebook stories shortly ago, yet it has not evoked much enthusiasm among Facebook users. Actually, very few users on Facebook have ever resorted to the use of this feature, so the management of the world’s largest network decided to act another way round. Facebook has decided to give the users of Instagram (as Facebook appears to be its parent company) to get their Instagram Stories immediately posted on their accounts on Facebook as well. According to the numerous reports, some users are already seeing the option of sharing their Instagram Stories to both Instagram and Facebook, right before posting a story on their Instagram accounts.


Once you have shared a story from Instagram, however, it will be posted on Facebook in the section of Facebook stories, seeming as if you have created it on Facebook. Nevertheless, the “Instagram” label right below the user’s name will signify that this story was compiled on Instagram, not on Facebook. Unfortunately, this new experiment from Facebook seems somewhat upset and desperate, demonstrating how the corporation has failed in promoting the Facebook Stories feature within its core app.

Facebook Is Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories

Since time ago, active Facebook users could notice that, frankly speaking, the feature of Facebook Stories has failed so far. Instead of observing myriads of stories abundant with videos and photos, the users got to see rows of gray profile photos and zero activity in regards to the Facebook’s new feature. While the “Stories” feature has been incredibly successful on Instagram and its competitor Snapchat, Facebook’s attempt to implement such a feature suffered a setback. After the release of the feature, Facebook also tried to promote the feature and place it in the most noticeable spots a couple of times, yet it did not help either. After all, Facebook has even added that feature not only to its Android and OS apps, but even to the desktop version.

Now, Facebook has decided to take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature, which, according to the available data, is used at least by 250 million users daily. This, however, shows a sort of despair the company got after failing with its own Facebook Stories feature. Indeed, you can publish your Instagram stories not only to Instagram and Facebook, but to several other services as well – yet, this implementation of the feature sharing shows the failure of Facebook.

One way or another, there is still no information about whether this update will really come into effect or it would remain just a test, available for a small audience. Some social media experts note that it might be better for Facebook to recognize their failure and put up with the thought that, perhaps, not every application or social network needs such a feature. With such a test feature, however, Instagram has maintained a thin line of separation between itself and its parent company. The time will show how Facebook will decide to act.