Giphy Stickers Added to Instagram Stories

The extremely successful “Stories” feature of Instagram is ever-evolving, changing faster than anyone may notice. So this keeps being true, as another feature has been added. Instagram and Gifhy, a search engine of GIF images, have presumably signed an agreement, according to which Giphy stickers will be featured in the Instagram Stories. Giphy stickers added to Instagram Stories mean that this feature is becoming even more bloated.


With this update from Instagram users will be able to search GIF images from the Giphy database right in the “Stories” feature and place the stickers right on their Instagram Stories. The testing version of this feature was spotted by the Next Web online magazine in November 2017 along with a couple of other features that were rolling out. Later, this feature was spotted under testing in the markets of Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Giphy Stickers Added to Instagram Stories

Giphy Stickers Added to Instagram Stories

However, Giphy stickers added to Instagram Stories don’t imply that these companies partner for the first time. The cooperation between Giphy and Facebook, the world’s largest social network that owns Instagram, started back at the end of 2016. At that time, Facebook allowed its users to post comments with GIF images via utilizing the Giphy search engine.

Previously, Snapchat, a competitor of Instagram, also introduced AR lenses. In the meantime, Giphy also focused its efforts on AR Apps, such as Giphy World. Yet, now it seems to be almost obvious that GIF images with a transparent background that may be placed anywhere (and in the Instagram Stories in particular) tend to be more popular. It is reasonable to suppose that they will be easier accepted by the users.

However, the company did not reply anything about the rollout of this feature, and many users are left to guess whether this feature will be available permanently or just temporarily. Nevertheless, the company commented all this in the following way: “We are always trying to add more useful functions to our product, so all the users will benefit from it. We keep testing some things that might appear in the app in the future.”

There has been, however, no official announcement about the partnership between Instaram and Giphy. If this feature is really going to be implemented permanently, the announcement may come then soon.

Judging by the first reaction of the majority of the Instagram users, it seems that many of them want to try out this feature as soon as possible. It seems that the GIF world, after becoming so popular and widely used on Facebook, is going to invade Instagram too. And it may reap pretty good results.

By the way, Facebook also tried to take advantage of the extremely popular “Instagram Stories” feature by prompting the users to share them on Facebook as well. You can read in details about it here: Facebook Is Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories.