Guide to Instagram Android Application

Among those users who fancy taking photos, you will barely find a single person with a smartphone where there is no Instagram Android application (or app for the iOS) installed.


Instagram is a marvelous online service for sharing your photos on the web, and, indeed, it is known as a mobile app in the first place, than a website. If you want to get the app installed onto your smartphone, you need just a couple of minutes of your time and internet connection. All the rest you can do by following the guidelines, provided below.

instagram android application

By typing the word “Instagram” and clicking to search, you can find the Instagram Android application

  • In the first place, you have to launch the Google Market (or Google Play) on your smartphone and enter the following word in the search field: “instagram.” Click to search.

instagram android app

Once you have accessed the page of the Instagram Android application, immediately install it

  • The first app will appear to be, actually, Instagram. Click on it.

instagram app

Accept the terms of use from Google Play

  • By doing so, you have accessed the page of the app on the Google Market. Find the green “Install” button and click on it. Immediately after it, you will get to see the page with the terms of use. In order to give the app to certain information and functions, click on the “Accept” button.

instagram application

Proceed further and launch the application on your smartphone

  • After a couple of seconds, the Instagram Android app will be downloaded and installed onto your device. Once you have received a notification that the app is installed, find the app’s shortcut on your work desk and give it a click.

android application for instagram

Choose whether you want to sign up for Instagram by using your email address or the phone number

  • After doing so, you will see how the app will be launching. In the first place, the app will offer you to get started on Instagram by using either your phone number or the email address – click on the respective option and start entering the required information, if you need to sign up for Instagram. However, let’s suppose that you have already signed up for this service, and so all you need is to simply log in. You have to find a question “Already have an account?”, written at the bottom of the screen. Click on the “Log in” button out there.

Android app for instagram

This way looks the app’s interface, once you have logged in

  • Enter your email and password and click on the “Log in” button once again.
  • Now, you are logged in to Instagram. The page you’re currently seeing is the main page of the Instagram app. By clicking on the “Plus” button in the left-upper part of the screen, you can add and publish a photo. Below, you will see a menu consisting of five buttons: your home page, the search page (for seeking new subscriptions, accounts, etc.), your gallery that you can use for adding photos, your activity, and the page of settings.

If you want to find out how to sign in or sign up for Instagram, visit the following pages: Instagram Sign Up, Instagram Sign In, and Create New Account Instagram.