How to Grow the Number of Organic Followers on Instagram

Growing the number of organic followers on Instagram is always beneficial. To say nothing that you can become an influencer and earn for living by that, you may promote products or services. But growing organic traffic on Instagram requires a hard work as well. Here, we reveal the top tips on how to grow your presence on Instagram and increase the number of followers.


Hashtags Are a Must

Hashtags are a tool that allows other users to find your photos on Instagram. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect them. While you may want to avoid hashtags on social networks like Facebook, it seems to be really necessary to use them on Instagram.

How to Grow the Number of Organic Followers on Instagram

The number of organic followers on Instagram can easily be increased with a bit of effort

On Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags under every photo with ease, which is really a great thing to do. Besides, don’t just spam hashtags, but research about those hashtags that get the most traffic. You can do it by using the services like All-Hashtag or Hashtagify.

Make Sure That You Post Consistently

There is a clear correlation between posting consistently and the amount of organic traffic, which was found in numerous researches. But that seems especially true for Instagram, where users update their feeds quite regularly. Thus, you should be in contact with your audience everyday. Engage your audience every day. This will allow you to grow the number of organic followers on Instagram.

Utilize Analytics Tools

Without analytics, there is not much you can do on social media. Taking advantage of numerous analytics tools allows you to make the most out of your posts. Among the tools that you should definitely use for Instagram, there are such services like Keyhole (analytics of hashtags and keywords) and IconoSquare (allows you to schedule posts, track and reply to comments, obtain in-depth analytics, and more).

Engagement Is a Key

While analytics tends to be important, engagement is a crucial aspect in growing your organic presence on Instagram. If you wish to create a genuine personalized brand, you need to engage your audience, prompt your followers to discussions. Don’t hesitate to share interesting posts from your followers, or comment them as if you were their friend. This will help you to gain their trust and build relationships, necessary for growing and enhancing your brand later. The more times you engage, the more people will remember your brand.

Theme the Account of Yours

After all, make sure that your account is themed according to your product or core topic. That’s a tough task to do, yet it looks really nice and attracts myriads of followers. You need to have all the pictures to be related to the same theme, using the same colors and filters. Once you have achieved that (keeping a block of 3/6/9/12 photos looking the same), you will be astonished by the result yourself.

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