Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to the Feed

Finally, Instagram adds recommended posts to the feed of users, as this feature was spotted under testing a month ago. Though, the company has made no public announcement of this update, but quietly rolled out the update. This feature of recommended post will display “more posts you might like” depending on the previous posts and content you have liked or commented. This feature makes it easier to explore the content you are interested in. Obviously, this is just another attempt to lock more users within Instagram.


The new area will have an easily distinguished section “Recommended for You,” which makes it easy for users not to confuse it with the own home feeds. TechCrunch, a magazine that covers social media and technology news, explored that from three to five featured posts will be available in this section.

Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to the Feed

Instagram adds recommended posts to the feed in an attempt to lock the users of this social network within its service

Previously, you could find more content simply by going to the “Explore” section, as well as the “Following” section provided you with the information about what your friends have liked. This time, however, it will be different, as this feature will allow recommended posts to be featured right in your home feed.

As Instagram adds recommended posts to the feed, this feature tends to be one of the largest updates within the history of Instagram. Other notable updates include the implementation of advertising and a switch to the algorithmic feed instead of the chronological one. This means that when Instagram users will scroll through their own home feed, they will not see just their own content and ads, but also the content of other users. This feature somewhat reminds what Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has implemented in its core social network.

Previously, Instagram also implemented another Facebook-like feature – it allowed to follow hashtags, not only users. That means that Instagram users got an ability to follow their interests in a pretty similar way as they can do on Facebook nowadays. But there is an important aspect that differs the “Recommended Posts” and “Hashtag Following” features – while the latter feature is an opt-in (that means you can disable it), you can’t disable the newly implemented feature of recommended posts.

Yet, you can temporarily hide this area by simply tapping on the menu (three-dot button above the post) and click on “Hide.” But this section appear any other time you will get to enter your home feed. Even though, as the company said, this feature will not substitute the content you are interested in by following the users and/or hashtags but will be displayed after you scroll down all the posts, many users have been left unsatisfied with the “Recommended Posts” feature.

The rollout is still taking place on iOS and Android, and it is still not clear when the new feature will be available for all users. Besides, you can also learn how to create viral posts on Instagram.