Instagram Appointment Feature Might Be Implemented Soon

Bloomberg, a respectable U.S. media company, reported last week that Instagram is considering implementation of a new feature, called Instagram appointment feature. This news comes as the users expect another Instagram feature, known as an Instagram shopping feature, to be implemented. According to the insider reports and rumors, the appointment feature might be implemented approximately at the same time as the shopping feature, in a few months or so.


The Instagram appointment feature, according to the report, will actually allow the users to book a table at a certain restaurant, book a certain time at a hairdresser or a dentist, or register a visit to a certain class. That all will become possible to do through the Instagram app, thus prompting the users to spend more time within the app, which, in turn, will increase revenues that come from advertising.

Implementing such a feature is a smart move from Instagram, yet it will pose a direct threat to the business of other companies, namely Yelp and OpenTable. Furthermore, there are booking services available at Google Maps, and many analysts predict that they might be threatened by the new feature from Instagram as well.

instagram appointment feature

The new Instagram appointment feature may prompt the users of this social network to spend more time within the app, thus being somewhat “locked in”

Similar to Facebook, this company is attempting to amass all of its services within one app, or it would better to say – with one platform. Along with the other announced features by Instagram, such as the shopping feature that allows users to buy goods directly from the businesses’ pages within the app, Instagram is attempting to lock up the users within its platform.

Locking in (or locking up) basically means that the users will be provided with all they need just on one page, and this strategy is also known as a walled garden. For example, Facebook has been very successful at abusing this strategy: more than 50% of the American adults get their news exactly from Facebook. In addition to that, Facebook also offers a number of other “supplemental” features to its users, such as a marketplace (like Ebay), events diary, stories (like in Snapchat), chatbot assistance, live videos, messaging, as well as the feature of recruiting.

Considering that Facebook is a parent company of Instagram, it should not come as a surprise that it wants Instagram to mimic that strategy and to lock its users up in a very similar way. If Instagram will succeed in doing so, it will get not only the obvious benefits from growing revenues, but also will obtain more information about its users’ habits and preferences. That, as many analysts are concerned, might make such users more vulnerable to marketing manipulations.

Instagram is still struggling to deal with its illegal advertising problem, a large number of which appears to be fairly fake, and that is a reason for worries for anyone who gets to use Instagram quite often. At least, that is a reason to be aware of its “lock-in strategy.”

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