Instagram Photo and Video Sharing Is Now Available Through DMs on PC

The Next Web, a popular media portal for tech geeks, has discovered that the Instagram app for Windows 10 now supports sending photos and videos via direct messages, as this feature had not been available for PC for a quite a long while. Even though it is not known for how long Instagram photo and video sharing has been available on PC, but, considering that it is available for all Instagram users, one may suppose that the feature was working for quite a while.


In order to be able to send multimedia files to other users through direct messages, one has to download the Instagram app on the website of Windows Store, open the app, and click on the icon of a camera, placed in the left-upper part of the screen. That tool designed by Instagram allows its users to record new videos and photos, as well as to edit the existing multimedia files, using the tools available in the Instagram app for Android.

Instagram photo and video sharing

Since the recent update prepared by the company, its users are able to take advantage of Instagram photo and video sharing right via direct messaging

Yet, the Instagram app for Windows 10, despite its support of Instagram photo and video sharing via direct messaging, still does not provide its users with a full functionality. Namely, the app does not allow you to upload photos and videos right from your hard disk, and there have been no explanations about this. Also, the recordings you will take with the help of your PC or laptop will not be available for posting on your profile’s page.

Even though the functionality is not as it had been once expected, there are some positive sides of this feature as well. The Instagram app for Windows 10 supports group conversation, so that means that, despite you cannot send your photos and videos to a wide public, you are still able to send them to multiple people in conversations through direct messages. The feature called “Stories” was also introduced in the Instagram Windows app, yet, once activated, it asks you to choose a contact in order to send a direct message.

Not so long time ago, there was another new feature revealed in the Instagram app for Windows 10 – an ability to reply to direct messages with videos and photos. Neither of these two features was available in the first version of the Windows 10 app, which was rolled out in late 2016.

However, these features still seem to be under resting, so there may definitely be some changes, and Instagram will notify about those changes in the coming weeks or months. According to a large number of reports and constant rumors, the Instagram app for Android is also expected to experience a large number of changes and content updates anytime soon, and one of the features promised by the company will be support of several accounts. So, stay tuned!

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