Instagram Is Working on Shopping Feature

Instagram announced that the company is going to test the Instagram shopping feature, which will give more freedom to business owners and make the shopping via this photo-sharing app far easier.


This oncoming update is the latest attempt of Instagram to adjust to the needs of users and businesses. Previously, Instagram had released several updates that benefited the owners of small businesses and allowed them to find their audience in a far easier way. The customers became able to interact with businesses faster and in a more convenient way.

At this point, however, Instagram aims to expand the presence of businesses in this social network, and the ongoing test phase of this feature is just another example of such a policy. This news, as a matter of fact, made most of the audience of Instagram glad, since the majority of Instagram users had to use various apps in order to shop via Instagram before. Such a third-party app like, as well as several other apps, were the only way of shopping via this photo sharing network.

The need of changes had prompted the developers to act more boldly in expanding the presence of business. The already announced Instagram shopping feature will allow the users to shop exactly in Instagram – without having to use any other third-party apps. According to what the company’s representatives wrote on Facebook, this feature will allow retailers to post a photo with up to 5 products with certain tags for each of the products. By clicking on the tags, the users will be redirected to the pages with more information about the products. There, the users will be able to find the “Purchase now” buttons, which will lead to the websites of retailers.

instagram shopping feature

The recently announced Instagram shopping feature allows the users to make purchases via this social network, while allowing the developers to keep the users on their social network longer

According to the actual data, the current number of Instagram users exceeds 500 million. So in this attempt to launch the Instagram shopping feature, the company strived to keep those users within Instagram, instead of indirectly prompting them to use third-party apps. As it became known, the Instagram shopping feature will be available only to the US users during a test phase. The rest information about the further developments of this feature will be known once the test phase will come to a close.

Instagram signed a deal with 20 retailers, including Kate Spade, a retailer of apparel and accessories, Warby Parker, a producer of eyewear, and JackThreads, an internet retailer of men’s clothing. However, it is still not known about whether and when this feature will be available to all retailers, apart from these 20 brands.

If you want to take advantage of this feature and test how shopping via Instagram feels, just sign in to Instagram and find the page of any of these 20 brands. If you still do not have an account Instagram, you are able to make use of Create New Account Instagram, Instagram Sign Up, and Instagram Sign In guides.