Instagram Sign Up

Prior to exploring the marvelous opportunities, Instagram opens up for you, you have to complete the procedure of Instagram sign up. Stick to the manual and make the steps, given below.


Such a social network as Instagram, which is naturally a service for sharing various photos online, offers huge opportunities. And it is not going only about people who are maniacally obsessed with taking selfies and publishing them everywhere on the web. Also, Instagram recently launched a service for the pages of small businesses, after seeing how successful it has been to use Instagram for the promotion of small enterprises.

Instagram Sign Up on PC Step by Step:




instagram sign up

You got two options for Instagram sign up: an ordinary form and registration by using your Facebook account


  • First Step. Give a start to the procedure of Instagram sign up by opening your browser and going to the following webpage:


You must be logged in to your Facebook account

  • Second Step. You will notice that the sign up form is placed on the right part of the Instagram’s main page. Also, however, you are able to use your Facebook account for getting started on Instagram. At first, let’s try to do exactly so. So, click on the button where it is written “Log in with Facebook.”


Provide a slice of your personal information to Instagram by giving a click to this button

  • Third Step. Let’s suppose that you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account (have a look at the second image). So, enter your phone number or email and password and give a click to the “Log in” button.


This way your full name and username get automatically copied

  • Fourth Step. Instagram will ask you to provide access to some of your information in the Facebook profile. You have to click on “OK.”


This page you get to see after the Instagram sign up process is finished

  • Fifth Step. In the newly opened page, you will see your name and username automatically entered. You are able, however, to change the username. In the field below, add a password for the future Instagram account. Click on “Sign up.”


Fill in the information in these fields for getting registered

  • Sixth Step. Now, get to explore the opportunities offered by this social network.


Although as it was mentioned above, there is a way of signing up for Instagram without linking the account to your Facebook account:


Confirmation of your Instagram account is also needed, even if you sign up with the help of the Facebook account

  • First Step. Go to the main webpage of this social network. Start the Instagram sign up procedure by filling in the fields (look at the image): email, full name, username, and the password. Once you are done with this, give a click to the “Sign up” button.
  • Second Step. There is not so much left to do. Just go to the email inbox, open the letter from Instagram, and click there on the blue “Confirm…” button.


Explore the world of Instagram!

  • Third Step. Instagram got you redirected to its website again, but now your account is fully functioning and you are able to use all of the Instagram’s features. Keep in mind that you must also confirm your email address in case you got started with the help of your Facebook.


How to Use Instagram App on iPhones and Android Phones:

Instagram is a social network that is especially popular for use as a mobile application. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that the official application of Instagram can boast to have a billion of downloads! So, if you wish to join this horde of fans and install the Instagram app onto your mobile phone (regardless whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone), follow our guidelines below. Also, let us know what you think about our guide !

instagram app mobile download

If you want to install the Instagram app onto your smartphone, you should find it in Google Play or Apple Store

  • At first, you have to find the market app (depending on your type of a phone, it may be Google Play or Apple Store) on your smartphone and tap on its icon.

instagram app mobile install

Start downloading the Instagram app onto your smartphone by tapping on this button

  • After you have accessed Google Play or Apple Store, you should type “Instagram” in the search field of that app.
  • Then, you will get to see a list of results, placed right below that search field. There, you need to tap on the first result, which appears to be with the Instagram logo.

how to use instagram app on iphone

As you can see from this progress line, the downloading process has just started

  • Once you have accessed the page of Instagram, you can start downloading it by tapping the “INSTALL” button.

how to use instagram application on android

This bar shows that the Instagram app is currently being installed onto your mobile phone

  • In a moment, you will notice that the “UNINSTALL” and “OPEN” button appeared on that page. That means that you have successfully installed this mobile app on your smartphone.

how to get instagram app

You can open Instagram right from this page by tapping this button

  • You can open the Instagram app right from this page, if you tap on the “OPEN” button.


How to Sign Up for Instagram on a Mobile:

Got the Instagram app installed on your smartphone You can start using it right away, if you have also got an account, of course! But even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can create a new one right within this app in a matter of minutes. So, if you wish to sign up for Instagram in this mobile application, just use our step-by-step instructions.

sign up for instagram on android

In order to sign up for Instagram, you have to tap on this text button instead of filling out the sign in form

  • First of all, you have to find the icon of Instagram on your smartphone and tap on it. That will launch this mobile app.

sign up for instagram on iphone

We recommend you to sign up for Instagram using your email address or phone number, instead of signing up with your Facebook account

  • After you have got to see the main page of this application, you will notice that there is a sign in form, located right in the center. Instead of using that form, you have to tap on the “Sign up” button at the bottom.

ways of signing up for instagram

If you don’t want to sign up for Instagram with your phone number, you can switch to the email tab

  • Following it, you will see a page where you can sign up for Instagram using your Facebook account. Instead of clicking on the “Continue as…” button, we recommend you to tap the “Sign Up with Email…”, placed below it.

instagram sign up process explained

At this point, you need to enter an email address in order to link it to your future account on Instagram

  • On the next page, you will be able to create a new account on Instagram with the help of your mobile number. Instead, we suggest you to switch to the “EMAIL ADDRESS” tab.

signing up for instagram step by step

In order to complete the Instagram sign up procedure, you will also be asked to enter your name and a password for your account

  • Now, you can sign up for Instagram using your email address. At that point, you have to enter your email address in the provided field and tap on the “Next” button.

how can I sign up for Instagram

If you don’t like the automatically generated username of yours, you can change it by tapping here

  • Following it, you will have to enter your first and last name in the first field of the next page. Then, make up a reliable password for your Instagram account and enter it in the second field. Eventually, you should tap on the “Next” button.

how can I create an account on Instagram

We recommend you not to alarm everyone that you have just joined Instagram and, rather, tap this text button

  • Right after that, you will get to see a welcome message to Instagram. At that stage, there will also be a username, which has been automatically generated for your account. You can either change it by tapping on “Change username” or proceed further by tapping on “Next.”

sign up for Instagram with email

You can add a profile photo to your newly created Instagram account either right now or later

  • On the next page, you will be offered to follow your friends from Facebook. If you don’t want to do it, you can tap on the “Skip” text button (placed below everything). If you want to follow your Facebook friends, you can tap on the “Connect to Facebook” button.

sign up for Instagram using phone number

You can also opt to save your login information, but it will make your account more vulnerable

  • Right after that, you can add a photo to your Instagram profile. For that, you should tap on the “Add a Photo” button and select a photo from your phone gallery.
  • Following it, you will also be offered to save your login information (this may be more convenient, but will leave your account more exposed). If you want to take advantage of this facilitation, tap on the “Save” button.

instagram account registration

You have also to verify your Instagram account in order to activate it

  • Now, you have just created an account on Instagram. At this point, you have to go to your email inbox.
  • In the email inbox, open a letter from Instagram and tap on the “Confirm your email address” button. Now, you have just activated your newly created account.


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Signing Up for Instagram:

Q: How do I create a new Instagram account

A: As you could learn from our guide, you can easily set up a new account on Instagram. There are three ways how you can sign up for Instagram: using an email address, using a phone number, and using a Facebook account. In order to find out how to create a new account on Instagram step by step, please follow our guidelines, published above.

Q: How do you make two accounts on Instagram

A: You can create a second account on Instagram simply by repeating the procedure, described above. But instead of entering your current phone number or email address, you should link a new Instagram account to another email address and/or phone number. In this simple way, you can create a second Instagram account of yours.

Q: How many accounts on Instagram can you make

A: You can create as many accounts on Instagram as you want or might need. The case is that you should link each Instagram account to a different email address or phone number.

Q: How do I set up an Instagram account for my business

A: In order to set up an Instagram business account, you should follow our guidelines and set up a usual Instagram account at first. Once you have registered and activated a new Instagram account, you should sign in to a new Instagram account and tap on “Switch to business account.”

Q: How to create a second Instagram account with the same email address

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to register a second Instagram account with the same email address. Instead, you should use a different email address for a new account.


Go to the parental page in order to find out more about this matter. Also, learn how to sign in to the system quickly with the help of our Instagram Sign In page.