Facebook Encourages Instagram Users to Post the Stories on WhatsApp As Well

Facebook has rolled out a new update on Instagram, a popular image sharing service owned by the world’s largest social network. The new update will allow the Instagram users to post their stories both on Instagram and WhatsApp, a messenger app with the largest audience in the world, (which is also owned by Facebook) at the same time. This is another aim of the internet giant to increase the integration between its various services, which may boost the revenues of this corporation in the future.


Instagram users

Instagram users will be able to post their stories in their WhatsApp status within a click

The new Instagram feature allows the users of this image sharing social network to post their stories on both platforms just in one move. This way, the corporation has introduced an option to make cross-posting updates on several platforms at the same time. This was reported by TechCrunch, a media website that reports on the tech news. This attempt of Facebook was quite expected, as this company tried to maximize the profit from this successful feature of Instagram, which quickly became popular. As the company later introduced that feature in Facebook, but it didn’t take off successfully. There is also an available option of posting Instagram stories on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Instagram users will now be able to post their stories on WhatsApp in their status. Basically, this feature was almost copied from Snapchat, the largest WhatsApp’s competitor. There, users can post GIFs, videos, and photos in their status, and they disappear within 24 hours. Considering that everything on WhatsApp is encrypted, Instagram stories shared on this messenger will become encrypted as well.

At the time being, it is only known that the feature is available for testing only to a limited number of users. On the other hand, TechCrunch reports that this feature will be based on the open-source code, which allows to integrate WhatsaAp with third-party applications on the web or Android OS. Besides, even though Instagram users will have an option of posting their stories in WhatsApp right from Instagram, they will need to do one more action after tapping that “Share on WhatsApp” button on Instagram: they will have to enter WhatsApp and click on “Send” in order to have the story posted.

It is also worth to remind that Facebook tried to add cross-platform features even before. In the spring of 2017, the company introduced cross-platform alerts for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, and the users would receive notifications on every platform if someone had mentioned them on any of these platforms. Overall, the new feature that would allow to post Instagram stories on WhatsApp with ease will be available soon for everyone, and this gives a slight attribute of a social network to the world’s most popular messenger.

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