Instagram’s New Feature May Save Myriads of Lives

Instagram’s new feature under the name of “Instagram self-harm prevention tool” is a step in the right direction of the development of this social network.


How often have you seen a person on a photo, posted in Instagram, depressed and supposed that he or she may harm himself/herself? What if actually something has really happened, but you have no tools in preventing anything bad that might happen? Thankfully, Instagram has made a great leap forward with the newly announced Instagram’s new feature of self-harm prevention, which undergoes a test phase at the present time.

In the announcement of the company’s representatives on Facebook, it was stated that this feature was developed in order to fight three most common problems: eating disorders, self-harm, and suicides. How it works? Well, the feature works in a pretty simple way. Each user will be able to report a problem that he or she has spotted on the photo, thus supposing that the person may harm him/herself.

Once a person has reported that photo, the person who has posted the photo will get a notification from Instagram, such as the following: “Are we able to help you? Some person has viewed your posts and noticed that you might be going through the hard times. In the case if you need support, we would like to help you.” At the same time, the user gets three options in the app: talking to a friend of his/hers, contact the line of help, and receive support and tips.

Instagram’s new feature

The potential of this tool is really impossible to estimate; Instagram is the first social network to introduce such a socially important feature

Marni Tomljanovic, a spokeswoman for the company, said that there is a team that works 24/7 and views all the reports of users. She said that the team gives the priority to the most urgent cases, such as an outright threat of self-injury and suicide. Once the team receives such a report, they suggest to contact the local service of the emergency right away.

Even though the Instagram’s new feature has been launched only in the United States, there are plans to expand the feature further, if the experience will be successful. At the same time, Instagram is not doing this job alone. The company’s representatives said that they have partnerships with over 40 various organizations that provide support for people in need, including such organizations as Samaritans,, the National Eating Disorders Association, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

This tool is somewhat similar to the suicide prevention tool that Facebook has previously introduced. Now, since Facebook owns the Instagram Company, it is working on implementing this feature in the other services. The Instagram’s new feature comes after the update in the early autumn that allowed the users to ban offensive comments below their videos and photos.

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