Introduction to Instagram for Small Businesses

Instagram is a great marketing platform for small businesses, and a large number of companies have taken advantage of this image sharing social network, which is owned by Facebook. Actually, you would barely find any company that is not present on Instagram yet. Actually, after the latest change of algorithm by Facebook (read here: New Facebook Algorithm Aims to Combat Bait Posts), many companies have shifted their focus towards other social networks, and Instagram is one of them. Our introduction to Instagram for small businesses will help to take advantage of this social network.


Introduction to Instagram for Small Businesses: Set Your Account Up Right

In order to get maximum out of this extremely useful tool, the first thing you should do is to set your account up in a right way. That means that you need to link to your website and accounts in other social networks right from your Instagram account. That will help you to lead the traffic from Instagram to other sources. Don’t neglect adding an informative yet short biography.

Take Advantage of the “Stories” Feature

Even though this feature is neglected by many beginners on this social network, it, however, tends to be the most successful feature of Instagram. Taking advantage of the Instagram “Stories” feature is one of the keys to success. This feature allows you to post multiple videos and photos that will disappear in 24 hours. Just try to make it creative and the success is guaranteed.

Introduction to Instagram for Small Businesses

Our Introduction to Instagram for Small Businesses shows how to get started on this image sharing platform correctly

Hashtags on Instagram

The majority of images are found on Instagram through hashtags (i.e. #keyword), and you shouldn’t avoid them as well. You can add at least 3-4 hashtags under each photo, combining specific brand tags and general yet popular words. In regards to the latter ones, you should make sure that you use right hashtags that may attract a lot of traffic. Besides, 3-4 hashtags are the least number that every photo should have, but you can add up to 30 hashtags under a photo.

Share the Content of Other Users

Barely anyone is able to grow audience by posting only own content. Sharing high-quality content of other Instagram users would help you to build relationships and grow your audience. Though, it would be easier to do so via Facebook or Twitter. Since there is no “Repost” button on Instagram, you should either use third-party apps or take screenshots.

Don’t Forget About Videos

Video content is taking off on social networks like Instagram and Facebook, and the right content will help you pave your path to success. The feature of live video streaming (if there is a popular event out there or something that might interest your audience) is quite helpful too. Embrace the videos!

Analytics Is Necessary

After all, make sure that you take advantage of all the analytics available. This will help you analyze the mistakes you make while promoting your campaigns or find hidden ways of boosting the traffic and audience. Besides, analytics will help you better understand your audience, allowing you to tailor your posts for the audience’s taste better.