Review of Android Apps from Instagram

Indeed, there are lots of Android apps from Instagram, apart from, actually, the Instagram app, from which the users are able to benefit. Type the word “instagram” in the field of search and you will get a large bulk of apps displayed on your screen One can surely claim that the Instagram app is one of … Read more

How to Promote Your Instagram Feed: Useful Recommendations

Everyone wants to stand out on Instagram. Yet, it seems not an easy goal to accomplish. However, there are some basic rules you should follow in order to gain audience and not to scare off the existing followers of yours. In this article, we will provide you with useful recommendations about how to promote your … Read more

Giphy Stickers Added to Instagram Stories

The extremely successful “Stories” feature of Instagram is ever-evolving, changing faster than anyone may notice. So this keeps being true, as another feature has been added. Instagram and Gifhy, a search engine of GIF images, have presumably signed an agreement, according to which Giphy stickers will be featured in the Instagram Stories. Giphy stickers added … Read more

Adjusting Your Instagram Settings

If you have just joined such a social network as Instagram, you might have a need to configure the Instagram settings. Thankfully, the developers concentrated their efforts on bringing an easy-to-use, convenient service, so there will not be much of the settings to adjust. Thanks to such simplicity, myriads of users keep flocking to Instagram. … Read more