How to Update Instagram

Instagram tends to be one of the most popular social networks and mobile apps in the present-day world. It appears to be a great venue for users and businesses alike. Yet, not all users are aware of the fact that they need to update Instagram app from time to time, as this allows them get … Read more

Instagram Policy Changes As The Company Aims to Fight Hate Speech

Instagram has been criticized that it did not do enough in order to remove trolls and hate speech from its network for long. Previously, Instagram came up with the “Comments Moderation” feature, where users could automatically block all the comments featuring certain words. Within the last year, a number of companies have been trying to … Read more

Instagram Is Working on Shopping Feature

Instagram announced that the company is going to test the Instagram shopping feature, which will give more freedom to business owners and make the shopping via this photo-sharing app far easier. This oncoming update is the latest attempt of Instagram to adjust to the needs of users and businesses. Previously, Instagram had released several updates … Read more

Guide to Instagram Android Application

Among those users who fancy taking photos, you will barely find a single person with a smartphone where there is no Instagram Android application (or app for the iOS) installed. Instagram is a marvelous online service for sharing your photos on the web, and, indeed, it is known as a mobile app in the first … Read more