How to Promote Your Instagram Feed: Useful Recommendations

Everyone wants to stand out on Instagram. Yet, it seems not an easy goal to accomplish. However, there are some basic rules you should follow in order to gain audience and not to scare off the existing followers of yours. In this article, we will provide you with useful recommendations about how to promote your Instagram feed effectively.


Try to shoot a photo from below. One of the easiest ways of taking interesting photos – and this way will help you gain additional audience for sure – is taking photos from below. Such a method of taking photos upside down allows you to add more foreground elements to that photo, making it richer and more interesting. This simple trick helps you to answer the questions on how to promote your Instagram feed, indeed.

Don’t forget about using your captions in a smart way. You can’t achieve anything on Instagram by simply posting photos, as captions are equally important as the photos. You should take advantage of this opportunity and use the caption space for engaging your audience – no matter whether you have a dozen thousands of followers or you are followed only by your friends and relatives.

How to Promote Your Instagram Feed

Cropping and framing photos will help you attract more followers. When you are about to post a new photo on Instagram, you get to see pop-up grid lines. Use them in order to make your photo look more appealing! If you are a person who likes to crop the photos before posting, always strive to follow the same pattern of cropping – users tend to like consistency.

Be careful with using filters. When you think about how to promote your Instagram feed, you barely get to think about such a small detail as filters. The majority of Instagram users have just gotten used to using filters on Instagram and can barely post a photo without resorting to this feature. Indeed, Instagram filters are great, yet many good, natural-looking photos have been spoiled just by the overuse of those filters. If a photo looks great without filters, it doesn’t actually need them.

Use the feature of Instagram Stories wisely. If you haven’t got to use this feature yet, you should think about changing it. There are a couple of reasons for that: it shows your friends and followers what have you done recently, it draws and engages the audience, and it appears to be quite fun. There is a 24-hour rule you should follow in this case: post a story on Instagram every 24 hours.

Don’t overflow your Instagram feed with photos. There is always a temptation to post another photo on your Instagram feed, yet it does not always help you to gain a larger audience. In fact, being overactive on Twitter may lead to the results opposite from the wanted ones. Be selective about the photos you are posting and don’t get your Instagram feed stuffed with myriads of non-interesting photos.