How to Protect Your Instagram Account After the Grand Hack Attack

At the end of August 2017, the Instagram account of Selena Gomez was hacked. From her name, a group of anonymous hackers posted the photos of naked Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend. Even though Selena managed to regain access to her account – by the way, it appears to be the most followed one on Instagram with over 125 million followers – on Instagram, it remained a bitter aftertaste of what was going to happen further. At the beginning of September, more than 6 million Instagram accounts were hacked, displaying the flashy issues in regards to the cyber protection. Our article, after all, aims to show you how to protect your Instagram account in the face of such threats.


Just several weeks ago, Instagram came out with a statement that the company has managed to fix the issue of the accounts’ vulnerability, which actually allowed third parties to obtain sensitive information of the Instagram users, such as phone number or email addresses associated with those Instagram accounts. Before the update took place, however, a group of anonymous hackers, reportedly, stole massive amounts data from the accounts of the Instagram users, while later such information was noticed to be sold at $10 per contact (obviously, the transactions were carried out in Bitcoins). IT experts suppose that that was the reason that caused Selena Gomez’s account to be hacked.

How to Protect Your Instagram Account

Those stolen data have become known as “Doxagram,” and the experts believe that it contains information about at least six million users of Instagram. Even though it may seem a minor share, compared to the number of the 700 million Instagram’s active users, yet that left many users unhappy with using this social network. It was also reported by Daily Beast, an online newspaper, that some of the accounts the information from which was stolen belong to the White House, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kim Kardashian.

Even though there have been made numerous steps in order to stop Doxagram from spreading the sensitive information of the users, it seems to be available still through the network called Tor. This all scandal, however, caused a noisy debate over how to protect your Instagram account in the face of such vulnerabilities.

From our side, we are able to provide you with the following recommendations on how to protect your Instagram account:

  • In order to prevent someone else gaining control over your Instagram account, always use multifactor authentication.
  • Don’t forget to update your Instagram application and keep it up to date.
  • You should utilize only a strong password with letters (both capital and usual letters) and numbers. This recommendation appears to be the most important one: favor complicated yet secure passwords instead of remembering yet easy ones.
  • The company (Instagram) itself recommended the users to be cautious and careful if they notice any suspicious actions connected with their accounts. Don’t respond to the SMS messages or email letters, asking you to reset a password.
  • If you have received such a letter or message for resetting your password Instagram yet you didn’t do it, contact the Instagram support immediately.