How to Recover Your Instagram Password

Instagram is a pretty simple and agreeable service for sharing photos on the web, yet anyone might face the fact that he or she has lost the password from his/her Instagram account. Thankfully for all of us, Instagram has created an easy system of password recovery that does not require any extra efforts in order to get the password recovered. As our guide below will show, you can easily recover Instagram password.


Recover Instagram Password on PC Step by Step:


Recover instagram password

In order to recover Instagram password, you need to click on this button, placed in the sign in form

  • First Step. If you want to recover Instagram password, you need to access the website of Instagram in the first place. For doing so, launch the browser and go to the following website:


Recover your instagram password

Then, you need to identify your account by providing your username or email address

  • Second Step. Once you have got to see the main page of Instagram, there you must notice the sign in form, placed on the right. In the field of password, you will see a question “Forgot” Click on that text button.


Instagram account recovery

Once you have received such a notification, it means the letter sent by Instagram must appear in the email inbox

  • Third Step. On the next page, you will have to specify your account first. In order to identify your account, you need to enter either your username on Instagram or your email address. In the field located below the username one, you need to enter symbols from the Captcha. Once you have typed those symbols in, click on the green “Reset Password” button.

Rescue instagram account

The letter that you will receive from Instagram should look somewhat like this one

  • Fourth Step. Then, you will see a notification from Instagram which will require you to follow to your email inbox. Go to your email inbox and find there a letter from Instagram.

Recover instagram account

Type the new password you have composed in these two fields and click on the “Reset Password” button

  • Fifth Step. In that letter, sent by Instagram, you will see a button for resetting the password (have a look at the screenshot). Click on that button.
  • Sixth Step. After it, you will be redirected to one of the pages of Instagram again. There is not much left to do: just compose a new password (and it would be better if the password is a reliable one), enter it in both fields, and click on the “Reset Password” button.

Instagram recovery

After setting up a new password, you must be redirected to the main page (i.e. the news feed) of Instagram

  • Seventh Step. Immediately after doing those actions, you must be directed to the Instagram feed page. This means that the password recovery procedure has been carried out successfully and you are able to use the newly set password for your Instagram account.


Recover Your Instagram Password on iPhone or Android Phone:

If you have got a trouble with your Instagram account and you are far from your PC, you can recover your Instagram password using your smartphone. For the sake of convenience, we recommend you to have the Instagram app installed on your smartphone (read how to install it here). If you have control over your mobile phone number and/or email address, you can recover your password within minutes. Let us know if you have any questions on this matter !

enter instagram app to recover password

The easiest way to recover your Instagram password on a smartphone is to do so in the official mobile app

  • The first thing you should do is to find the icon of the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone and tap on it.
  • Right after that, the app will be launched on your smartphone. In the center of the front page, you will get to see the sign in form of Instagram. But considering that you don’t know your password at the present time, you can access your account. Instead, you must tap on the “Get help with signing in” text button, which is located right beneath that form.

recover instagram password on mobile devices

If you wish to recover your password on Instagram now, you must tap on this text button and start the recovery process

  • On the following page, you will be able to start the Instagram recovery procedure. In the field on that page, you must type your username, phone number or email address (that are linked to your account). Then, tap on the “Next” button.

recover instagram password on iphone

The first thing you should do is to provide the basic information about your account and find your account

  • Following it, your Instagram account will be located there. On the next page, there will be different options and ways for your account recovery. In particular, one must point out password recovery through an email letter and an SMS message. Let’s suppose you want to recover your password via a recovery email letter – you must tap on the “Send an Email” option in such a case.

how do I recover my instagram password

Now, you can choose which method of Instagram password recovery you want to choose

  • Right after that, you will get to see a notification that a recovery email letter has been sent to your inbox. At that point, you must tap on the “OK” text button.

Instagram password recovery process explained

This kind of a notification shows that a recovery email letter has been sent to your email address

  • Now, go to your email inbox and find a letter from Instagram.
  • In the recovery letter that you have just received, you can click on the “Log in as…” button and access your Instagram account immediately. Yet, that will not allow you to recover your password, but only access your account. If you wish to recover your account, tap on the “reset your Instagram password” text button.

reset instagram password

If you want to apply a new password to your Instagram account, you should tap on this text button

  • Then, you will be redirected to a new page where you can apply a new password to your Instagram account. First, make up a solid, reliable password for your account.

restore instagram account step by step

At this point, you have to type a new Instagram password right in this field and proceed further

  • Once you have created a strong password for your account, enter that password in both fields of that page.

recover instagram password without email

As you could expect, a new password must be typed twice on this page

  • After you have filled that password recovery form, you can tap on the “OK” button (placed in the right-upper corner) and confirm changes to your Instagram password.

update Instagram mobile password

Once you have entered a new password for your Instagram account, you can confirm the changes by tapping on this button

  • Immediately after that, you will automatically access your account on Instagram. From that time on, you will have to enter a password you have just set up when signing in to your account on Instagram.

help me to access Instagram account

Now, you will be able to access your Instagram account by using the password you have just set up


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Password Recovery:

Q: Can I access my Instagram account without knowing my password and resetting the password

A: Yes, you can access your Instagram account without a need to reset your password. Just follow the instructions of our guide and receive a recovery email letter. But when you will get that recovery email, you should simply click on the “Log in as…” button instead of opting to change the password.

Q: How do I find out my Instagram password

A: Unfortunately, you cannot find out your Instagram password if you don’t remember it. If you have forgotten your Instagram password, there are only two things you can do it: either simply access your account without resetting the password or reset a password. Unfortunately, there is no way how the current password can be sent over to you.

Q: How do I reset my password for my email

A: Please, follow the instructions of our guide, which clearly explains the entire process from the beginning. Besides, the guide is available for two versions: PC and mobile, so you will face no problem with resetting your Instagram password.

Q: Can you get your Instagram back after it has been deleted

A: If someone who had access to your Instagram account has deleted it, there is no way you can restore your account. If the account has just been disabled (not deleted yet), you will get to see a notification about it (when you will try to log in) and you should contact the customer support in order to solve this issue. Keep in mind that if your account has been deleted, you can sign up for Instagram again with the same email address yet your username will not be available anymore.

Q: How to recover Instagram password without email

A: If your Instagram account has been linked to a mobile phone number, you can use your phone number in order to recover your password on Instagram. All in all, you should choose this option during the recovery process and you will receive a verification code onto your mobile phone number. Then, you must enter that verification code in the provided field and set up a new password for your Instagram account.

Q: How to recover Instagram if you forgot password and email

A: As it has been noted just right above, you can recover your Instagram account while having access only to your phone number. Please, read the answer that has been published above this question.

Q: Should I necessarily reset my Instagram password during the password recovery procedure

A: No. As it was pointed out above, you can simply log in to your Instagram account and leave the password unchanged. Since you don’t know the current password, however, that will require you to start the recovery process every time you will have a need to sign in to your Instagram account.

Q: How to recover Instagram password on desktop

A: In a pretty same way as you do it on a mobile phone. Please, make use of the first part of our guide and follow those guidelines. The guide shows the exact steps of Instagram password recovery on a desktop and provides images for each step.

Q: Can I change my Instagram password if I have forgotten the current one

A: No. That is the situation when you need to start the password recovery process. Please, stick to our guidelines and recover your password on Instagram. After doing so, you will be able to use a new password for your Instagram account.