Review of Android Apps from Instagram

Indeed, there are lots of Android apps from Instagram, apart from, actually, the Instagram app, from which the users are able to benefit.


android apps from instagram

Type the word “instagram” in the field of search and you will get a large bulk of apps displayed on your screen

One can surely claim that the Instagram app is one of the most popular apps for smartphones in general. Yet, Instagram has brought a couple of other apps to the market, and you will get to know about them a bit below. Indeed, the users have got used to the fact that Instagram typically releases apps for iOS first, and only after a while one is able to enjoy the apps on the Android OS. Yet, we have experienced a few really great Android apps from Instagram that are worth your attention, and those apps are a must for people who are obsessed with taking photos.

The App That Laid the Foundation to the Company

instagram android apps

Instagram appears to be one of the most popular apps on the market in general

Indeed, if there had not been the Instagram app, this article would not have been written either, since there would be no reason to do so. Instagram is a marvelous app for sharing photos online, and it is characterized by a pretty simplistic design (especially, one is able to notice it when browsing the social network with a PC) and fairly impressive functionality, as you can take photos, edit them, and finally publish those photos write in the app!

Without any doubt, this app is one of the Android apps from Instagram that defines the future of the app market in general. So, if you are a passionate photo-taker who loves to share the photos with others and you are not signed up for Instagram, use this chance and install the app!

Make Photo-Video Hybrids With Instagram’s Android Application

instagram android applications

Boomerang is one of worthy Android Apps from Instagram, which allows you to make a kind of short clips and post them on social networks

As it was previously noted, Boomerang is one of the Android applications from Instagram that is definitely worth your attention. It allows you to create short clips that last a few seconds and actually consists of several photos, taken one by one. For instance, you can get a clip of your friend jumping in the water, showing some gesture, or hitting a ball.

This application has been actually designed for quite creative people, and once you have taken such a clip you are able to publish it on the social networks immediately.

Creation of Collages Has Never Been Simpler

instagram apps

Layout from Instagram is an app that allows you to make collages from the previously taken photos

Another Instagram app for manipulating images. This app actually allows you to create collages from as many as 9 photos and publish them immediately on the social networks. A good point of the app is that you don’t need registration anywhere and so you can start creating collages right after installing the app.

Instagram tried to make creating collages easier by remembering the faces of people and then displaying them, when you need to insert a photo. Another advantage of this app is a possibility to adjust collage photos the way you wish: in order to do that, you need just to drag the photo. After all, you can mirror the images and place it near each other.

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