Review of the Best Applications for Instagram

There are a majority of Android applications for Instagram you have not heard of, and it is impossible to miss and not have at least a quick look at them.


applications for instagram

After searching for apps with a keyword “Instagram”, you will see a list that may look like this one

Apart from the Android apps that have been developed by the Instagram company, there are also a variety of other apps produced by other for-profit companies that are compatible with your Instagram. In this list, we will disclose the best free applications for Instagram that are developed by other companies and may appear to be useful for you.

The App That Has Made Saving Content from Instagram Simple

apps for instagram

InstaSave is an app that has been developed in order to let you save the content from your Instagram

InstaSave is the first app in our list of the best Android applications for Instagram, which allows its users to save photos from the social network right onto your smartphone. Apart from it, there is also a report feature available.

The app allows you not just to save particular, single photos, yet you are able to mark all the photos you liked and save them altogether by clicking on the “Multisave” button. After all, the app allows you to save videos as well. This app is, indeed, a simple solution for your content woes.

“Stealing” the Photos of Others

android applications for instagram

This app has been created with one particular goal – to let you repost photos of other people

Repost for Instagram is an app that lets you save the photos into the gallery of your phone and immediately after it repost it by using the official app. This app has also a paid-for version (costs $5), where you will find no ads and a possibility to use several Instagram accounts.

Don’t Miss Important Contacts

android apps for instagram

InstaFollow brings a completely new experience to the use of Instagram

InstaFollow is actually one of the Android applications for Instagram that allows you to view who is subscribed to your account but to whom you are not subscribed, as well as the opposite. Also, it allows you to track who has recently subscribed to or unsubscribed from your account. A simple, user-friendly design makes this app a must for users who are obsessed with using Instagram.

View the World Like a Fish

android applications

This app allows you to take quite creative and unique photos

If you want to post unique and creative photos, make use of the InstaFishEye for Instagram app. It has solely one function: taking photos as if you were a fish, and the photos turn out to be quite funny and hilarious.

Growing Your Audience

android apps

Followers+ for Instagram is an app created for professional marketers in the first place. It allows you to view how your audience acts and track the most important trends. This tool is a must for people engaged in the sphere of internet marketing.

Use Proper Tags


Grow your audience easily by using appropriate tags (the ones that are popular) for your photos

Top Tags for Instagram Likes closes this list of the best Android applications for Instagram. Indeed, all you need is to take a photo via this app and get ready to publish it, while the program will do the job about finding proper tags. The more popular and correct tags you use, the faster you will grow your audience.

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