Tips for Creating Viral Instagram Posts

Many people want to amass a large number of followers in the world’s most popular social networks (and Instagram is such), but very few succeed to do so. Yet, you are able to boost your account and create top-notch content by following some recommendations. Our article contains a handful of tips for creating viral Instagram posts, and those recommendations will definitely help you to success on Instagram.


Using hashtags must be a rule for you. When procrastinating on Instagram, you may notice that some large brands and companies don’t use hashtags. In such a case, you are likely to think that that is a right thing to do. Indeed, large brands can afford to do that and keep amassing tons of likes and shares. Yet, using hashtags may help to double engagement on your posts and this is a must thing for new accounts or accounts with few followers. Besides, it is recommended to use a combination of general hashtags and brand hashtags.

Publishing videos is a good idea. One of the best tips for creating viral Instagram posts is actually this one. Instagram, along with its parent company, Facebook, attempts to exploit the benefits of video content. That’s a good opportunity to take advantage of for popularizing your Instagram page. While YouTube and Facebook are good place for long videos, short quality videos (like memes) will definitely help you grow your audience.

Tips for Creating Viral Instagram Posts

Don’t neglect publishing controversial posts. This is also one of the best tips for creating viral Instagram posts and it helps you to engage your audience. Publish the content that will prompt your followers to interact with you. An example of such posts may be a picture with a question what to choose for wearing today, what perfumes your followers prefer out of the pictured one, or which device is better.

Prompt users to generate content with your brand. Sometimes the best content is not the one generated by you, but then one generated by other users. You should engage your audience and prompt them to create pictures and images with your brand or products. There are a number of ways for doing so, but this will definitely help you boost engagement. Have you noticed a user who shared an image or took a photo with your product (regardless whether it’s going a cup of coffee, trousers, or gadget) Repost it!

Create exclusive content. When it comes to getting popular on social media, crafting exclusive content is a must. Even though this may seem obvious, but posting ordinary content every day will not help you to gather an impressive audience on Instagram. One of the ways for doing so is creating contests and providing giveaways on Instagram. This will boost the users’ engagement, as well as will lead to the increasing number of users aware of your brand.

Be bold when it comes to creating content. There are myriads of accounts on Instagram, but very few succeed to amass a large number of followers. You need to find a specialty that will attract other users and you should make sure that something will always appeal in your photos.

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