How to Create LINE Chat Shortcuts

If you really often talk with someone in such a messenger in LINE, it may be quite convenient and useful to create chat shortcuts for such people. Chat shortcuts allow you to enter right into the chat from your smartphone, instead of having to launch the messenger and then to browse different chats in the … Read more

How to Add Friends in LINE

If you have just got started on such a messenger like LINE, you may have issues with learning how to find and add friends in this messenger. Considering that there may be no use of the messenger if you can’t talk to anyone, it is one of the foremost things to cover in our guides. … Read more

How to Mute Users in LINE

One of the useful features that the LINE messenger has is an ability to mute users. For instance, if someone is bothering or annoying you but you don’t want to block that person, you may opt to mute that user. So, instead of blocking the users, you will simply receive no notifications about the messages … Read more

How to Change Phone Number in LINE

As our guide on how to create a LINE account shows, the majority of users tend to sign up for LINE using their mobile phone numbers. Yet, what to do if you have decided to replace or change a phone number Well, as this step-by-step guide will show you, you can easily change phone number … Read more

How to Manage LINE Privacy Settings

Perhaps, the privacy section of settings is the most important part of the settings that must be configured in any messenger. Obviously, the LINE messenger does not come as an exception then. This guide will demonstrate you how to manage LINE privacy settings step by step and without much of an effort. You should just … Read more