How to Import LINE Chat History

One of the important things about the LINE messenger is that it allows its users to back up, delete, and import chat history of every single chat separately. This is, indeed, something really positive about this messenger. This guide of ours has demonstrated to you how to back up LINE chat history, so you will have a chance to recover it even if you erase it or uninstall the app. This step-by-step guide, in turn, shows how to import LINE chat history that you have previously backed up, and this can be done (indeed) within a couple of minutes. Just stick to the guidelines.


how to import line chat history

The first step you should make is to access this messenger

  • The first step you should do is to find the LINE icon on your smartphone and tap on it.

how to import chat history in LINE

In order to import LINE chat history, you need to select a chat the history of which you want to restore/import

  • Then, you will get to see the messenger’s page with different services, shops, and so on. At the top of it, you will see different tabs – you need to switch to the “Contacts” tab, which appears to be the first one.

how to restore LINE chat history

Tap on this button and start the process of importing LINE chat history

  • On the page of your LINE contacts, you should select a contact a chat with whom you want to import. You have to simply tap on that contact.

how to restore chat history in LINE

You should tap on this icon in order to get to import LINE chat history

  • In the pop-up window you have just got to see, you should tap on the “Chat” option and proceed further.

how to recover LINE chat history

The next step of yours must be accessing the settings of this chat

  • Once you have got to see that chat, you need to tap on the button that is placed in the right-upper corner of that chat.

how to recover chat history in LINE

You can import LINE chat history simply by tapping on this line

  • In the pop-up menu you have just prompted, you have to tap on the “Chat settings” options.

how to export LINE chat history

If you want to get the chat history imported right now, you need to tap on this button

  • The next page is the place where you can import the chat history with ease. At this point, you simply have to tap on the “Import chat history” line.

how to export chat history in LINE

At the end, you will get to see a notification that a chat history has been imported

  • After that, the messenger will ask the permission to import the chat history, and you should tap on the “OK” button.

how to export chat history from LINE

Now, you can observe that the previously empty chat contains imported messages

  • In a moment, you will receive a notification that the chat history has been imported. You can return to the chat and see that all the messages have been successfully recovered.

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