How to Manage LINE Call Settings

There are myriads of things that can be customized in the LINE messenger. But one of the most useful things to configure (especially if you tend to have calls from the LINE users rather often) appears to be the call settings. These settings allow you not only to set up a ringtone, but also to take advantage of several useful features as well. This guide of ours will demonstrate you how to manage LINE call settings with ease and without much of an effort. You should simply follow the instructions that we have provided for you.


how to manage LINE call settings

You need to tap on this app icon and launch the messenger in the first place

  • You should begin the entire procedure by launching the application on your smartphone.
  • Once you have successfully accessed this mobile app, you will get to see the messenger’s page with different services. There, you need to tap on the settings button, which is located in the right-upper corner.

how to manage call settings in LINE

You can tap on this “notifications” icon and access the page the settings of your LINE account

  • After that, you will access the page of settings of your LINE account. You need to scroll down until you will find the “Calls” section there.

how to configure LINE call settings

You can manage LINE call settings if you scroll down till the bottom of this menu of sections

  • Once you have found the “Calls” section, you should immediately tap on it.

how to configure call settings in LINE

Once you have tapped on this section, you get an ability to manage LINE call settings

  • Now, you have just got to see the page where you can configure call settings in LINE.

how to adjust LINE call settings

If you tap here, you will be able to select a ringtone for the incoming calls in LINE

  • First of all, you should decide whether you want to make voice calls to the users and receive such calls from them. If you want to disable this feature, you can simply check the box near “Allow voice calls.” If you disable this option, you won’t receive incoming calls anymore.

how to adjust call settings in LINE

You can choose one of the following call ringtones – you need just to click on the specified button

  • The second feature to adjust is the “Compact mode feature.” While you may be talking through a voice call, you may be doing other things within the app. If you want to disable such a flexible regime, you should just uncheck the box near the second setting.
  • The third line allows you to apply video call effects and filters – you should tap on it and choose the available filters and effects.

how to arrange LINE call settings

Once that has been done, you will notice a notification about the alteration of you LINE ringtone

  • After all, you can set up a ringtone. For that, you should tap on the “Ringtone” section.
  • On the following page, you should select a ringtone by tapping on the button near it. A new ringtone will be saved immediately.

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