How to Manage LINE Chat Settings

It is important to configure the settings of your LINE account correctly before you will actually start to use this messenger. One of the things that you can configure in the LINE settings appear to be the chat settings. This step-by-step guide will demonstrate you how to manage LINE chat settings with ease, as you will be able to configure font size, URL previews, sticker previews, and many other useful. You have just to stick to the guidelines, provided on this page.


how to manage line chat settings

Prior to getting to manage LINE chat settings, you should actually access this messenger in the first place

  • In the first place, you should find the LINE app icon on your smartphone and tap on it. That will launch this messenger.

how to manage chat settings in LINE

In order to manage LINE chat settings, you should tap on this icon and open the page of your LINE account’s settings

  • After you have accessed the app, you will get to see the page with shops, pay services, keep service, etc. You need to draw your attention to the right-upper corner and tap on the settings button, which is placed there.

how to configure LINE chat settings

Scroll down in order to find the section of chat settings of your LINE account

  • Once you have got to see the page of your account’s settings, you need to scroll down until you will get to see the “Chats” option.

how to configure chat settings in LINE

At this point, you obviously need to tap on the “Chat” icon – so you will choose it among other sections of settings

  • When you have got to see the “Chats” option of the settings, you should tap on that option.
  • So, this page is the place where you can manage LINE chat settings. First of all, you can back up all the chats in your account (or restore them) if you click on the first line on that page.

how to adjust LINE chat settings

This is the page where you can actually manage LINE chat settings with ease

  • Under the “Chats” section, you will see different options. Let’s have a look how to configure them.

Chat wallpaper. Allows you to set up a wallpaper for all the chats.

Font size. Allows you to change the font size to a larger or smaller version.

Send messages with return key. Allowing you to use the “Enter” button in order to send messages (we recommend to enable this feature).

Auto-resend. If a message has not been sent, it will automatically be attempted to be sent again.

URL previews. If you uncheck this box, you won’t see URL previews.

  • The next section is “Stickers.” There, you can see the following options:

Auto-play pop-up stickers. The stickers will be automatically played if you have sent or received them (you can disable this feature for the sake of convenience).

Sticker previews. If you don’t want to see enlarged versions of stickers before sending them, you can uncheck the box near this setting.

Display suggestions. Sticker suggestions are displayed every time you use emojis – you can disable this feature as well.

how to adjust chat settings in LINE

As you can see, you can also delete the entire chat history or delete all files from the chats

  • Eventually, you can delete all the file from the chats or the entire chat history by tapping on “Delete files from chats” or “Delete chat history” respectively.

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