How to Manage Notifications in LINE

Unlike such messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp, LINE is quite an unusual messenger, as it features the timeline. In short, the timeline is something that you can find on Facebook or similar social networks. The timeline allows you and your friends to see updates in the profiles of the contacts and friends. Considering that LINE has this feature available, it shouldn’t be surprising that LINE users receive notifications about the changes in the timelines of their friends. If it’s annoying for you to receive such notifications or you want to change something, our guide will demonstrate you how to manage notifications in LINE step by step. You should just follow the guidelines.


how to manage notifications in LINE

You can remove or manage notifications in LINE without problems, yet you need to launch this app first of all

  • In the first place, you should find the LINE icon on your smartphone and tap on it. That will launch this mobile application.

how to manage LINE notifications

Then, you need to enter the social media section, where you will be able to manage notifications in LINE

  • The next step of yours must be switching to the tab of the timeline. At the top of the page, you will get to see five different tabs. The third tab is the timeline tab and you should simply tap on that tab.

how to configure notifications in LINE

You need to tap on this icon of notifications in order to start configuring them

  • Once you have accessed the timeline app, you will get to see your LINE timeline with all updates of it. Actually, you can browse it a bit.

how to configure LINE notifications

This section actually displays all the notifications in your LINE messenger

  • Yet, if you want to change the notifications about the updates in the timelines in LINE, you should draw your attention to the right-upper part of that page. There, you will find three buttons. The button that is located to the left is the notifications button and you should tap on that button.

how to arrange notifications in LINE

These are the timeline notifications you have been received, you can actually reconfigure them

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see the page with all the notifications you have received recently. If you want to change what kind of notifications you will receive in the future, you should tap on the settings button, which is located in the right-upper part of the page (see the screenshot).

how to arrange LINE notifications

In such a way, the number of notifications that will be received in the future has been decreased

  • On the following page, you will be able to manage notifications in LINE. There, you will get to see the following types of notifications: all notifications, post likes, post comments, post shares, and comment likes. If you want to disable a certain type of notifications, you should just uncheck the box near that type of notifications.
  • If you want to disable all the notifications, you should simply uncheck all those boxes.

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