How to Mute Users in LINE

One of the useful features that the LINE messenger has is an ability to mute users. For instance, if someone is bothering or annoying you but you don’t want to block that person, you may opt to mute that user. So, instead of blocking the users, you will simply receive no notifications about the messages from him/her anymore. This guide will show you how to mute users in LINE with ease. Considering that this procedure is very quick and easy, you will really face no problems. You should just follow the instructions, given on this page.


how to mute users in LINE

If you wish to learn how to mute users in LINE, you have to access this app in the first place

  • In the first place, you have to look for the LINE icon on your smartphone and tap on it.

how to mute LINE users

You need to access the page of your LINE contacts, where you will be able to mute users in LINE

  • Once you have done that, you will notice that the mobile application has been successfully launched. Then, you will get to see the page with shops, payment services, etc. At the top of that page, you will see 5 different tabs. You need to tap on the first tab in order to switch to the “Contacts” tab.

how to ignore users in LINE

Select a LINE user you want to mute right now

  • After you have got to see the page with your LINE contacts, you should select a user whom you want to mute. You can do it simply by tapping on his/her name.

how to ignore LINE users

You have to access the chat with that user before actually muting him/her

  • Then, you will get to see a pop-up window, in which you should tap on the “Chat” option.

how to block users in LINE

You can tap on this icon and mute a selected user right away

  • Once you have got to see a chat with that user, you should tap on the button that is placed in the right-upper corner of the chat.

how to block LINE users

As you can see, the selected user has been muted

  • After you have triggered a chat menu, you have also got an ability to mute the selected user right now. In that chat menu, you will see different options. Yet, you need to tap on the “Mute chat” button, among other options.
  • Immediately after it, you will get a notification that the user has been muted in LINE.

how to get rid of annoying users in LINE

This icon shows that you will receive no notifications about the new messages in this chat

  • If you will ever want to unmute the user, you should make the same set of actions but, at the end, tap on the “Unmute user” instead of “Mute user.”

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