How to Change Language in LINE

If you come from another country than an English-speaking one, you may consider it comfortable to use the LINE messenger in an English language. Luckily, it can be solved quite easily, as you are able to change language in LINE pretty quickly. This guide, written in plain English, supplied with images, and structured step by … Read more

How to Manage LINE Call Settings

There are myriads of things that can be customized in the LINE messenger. But one of the most useful things to configure (especially if you tend to have calls from the LINE users rather often) appears to be the call settings. These settings allow you not only to set up a ringtone, but also to … Read more

How to Call in LINE

LINE is an incredibly useful messenger that is used by more than 500 million people across the world (but especially in Asia). Obviously, all messengers allow the users to call each other nowadays. However, not every messenger supports the features of both audio and video calls, but, thankfully, LINE does support both these features. This … Read more

How to Manage Notifications in LINE

Unlike such messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp, LINE is quite an unusual messenger, as it features the timeline. In short, the timeline is something that you can find on Facebook or similar social networks. The timeline allows you and your friends to see updates in the profiles of the contacts and friends. Considering that LINE … Read more

How to Make ID in LINE

ID is a special feature in the LINE messenger that, perhaps, no one messenger has. ID is a special 20-symbol long number in LINE that allows the users to find you by ID. If you, for example, want to someone to find you, you grant him/her your ID and you will be found pretty quickly. … Read more