How to Add Stickers in LINE

Actually, stickers are getting more and more popular not only in social media, but even in messenger. For instance, Telegram has really fallen hard on stickers, whereas this messenger abounds with a variety of those stickers. But the first messenger to popularize stickers so widely was LINE. And even though many of LINE stickers appear … Read more

How to Change Password in LINE

As our LINE sign up guide shows, the easiest way to get started on this messenger is signing up with your mobile number. Yet, many users opt to link their accounts to email address and, following it, log in to their LINE accounts using email addresses and passwords. If you are one of such users, … Read more

How to Change Email Address in LINE

Actually, having your LINE account linked to an email address may be quite important. One of our previous guides (you can read it here) showed how to link your LINE account to an email address. But what if you want to change email address in LINE This step-by-step guide will demonstrate you how to change … Read more

How to Link LINE Account to Facebook

One of the important things you can do with your LINE account is, actually, linking it to your Facebook account. As a matter of fact, many users even sign up for LINE using their Facebook accounts, whereas they don’t have to provide their phone numbers or email addresses in such a case. This guide of … Read more

How to Create Group in LINE

One of the things that many messengers can offer to their users today is an ability to create groups. For instance, you can create a group of 2 or more people, where everyone will be able to write, discuss, send files, etc. Actually, this appears to be quite a useful feature when you need to … Read more