How to Manage LINE Photos and Videos Settings

There are different settings you can configure in the LINE messenger, and one of such sections of settings to be configured is the section of LINE photos and videos. It may be quite important for you, as it defines how you spend your mobile data or images of what quality you receive. This guide will … Read more

How to Add Email Address in LINE

Originally, you sign up for LINE with the help of your Facebook account or mobile phone number (read how to do it on this page). But some people opt to create an account in LINE with the help of an email address. If you want to log in to your LINE account by using an … Read more

How to Add Phone Number in LINE

As it was pointed out in one of our previous articles (actually, in this one), you may opt to sign up for LINE by using an email address and a password (or a Facebook account) instead of a phone number. But sooner or later, there may always appear a need to link your LINE account … Read more