How to Change Email Address of Netflix Account

Security comes as one of the foremost issues on the internet, and you might have a need to change the email address of your Netflix account any moment.


Thankfully for all of us, Netflix has made the process of changing the password, phone number, or email address as easy as it could be, while keeping it adequately secure. So if you have faced an issue with changing the email address of the Netflix account, just follow the guidelines presented below and get back to the best service of video streaming. Enjoy!

netflix account

You can find the red “Sign in” button in the right-upper corner of Netflix’s main webpage

  • In the first place, launch the browser of yours and copy the following URL into the address line of the browser: Then, press the “Enter” button.

account netflix

By clicking on this large red button, you can sign in after entering the email and password of your account

  • On the main page of Netflix, there is a red “Sign in” button, placed in the right-upper part of the webpage. Spot it and give a click to that button.

netflix account email

Prior to getting to use the Netflix account of yours, you need to choose the respective profile

  • Then, you will get to see the Netflix sign in page. Enter the email address and password of your account in the given fields. Then, click on the “Sign In” button. If you have any issues with signing in to Netflix, make use of this guide.

netflix account email address

You can access the settings of your account in no other place than this one

  • Right after it, you will be asked to choose the profile. Select your profile by clicking on it.
  • Once you have got to see the webpage with movies on Netflix, go to the right-upper corner and find a button with your profile image and profile name. Click on it.

netflix email

A text button for changing the email address is placed at the top of the settings page

  • You will notice a newly opened pop-up menu, in which you have to click on “Your Account.”
  • Immediately after doing so, you will get to see the page of settings of your Netflix account. At the top of that page, there is a section under the name “MEMBERSHIP & BILLING.” In particular, you are able to change the password, change your email address, and add a phone number in that section. Click on the “Change email” text button.

email netflix

In order to change the email address, you have to provide the actual password of the Netflix account

  • On the following page, you have two fields. In the first field, you need to type the new email address you want to set as the main one for this account. In the next field, enter the actual password of the account. Click on the “Save” button.
  • The process of changing the email address has been completed. Now, you are able to use the newly set email address for accessing your Netflix account.

If still don’t have an account on Netflix, you are able to get one by using Netflix Sign Up or Create New Account Netflix guides