Guide to Netflix Android Application

Netflix is one of the best video streaming service that allows its users from all over the world to watch their favorite TV shows, series, and movies, and it would be best to use its Netflix Android Application.


netflix android application

Look for the Netflix Android application in the Google Market

Indeed, you will not find such an abundance of movies and TV series of all genres anywhere else than on the Netflix, and that is the reason why the company is able to boast more the audience of more than 86 million users. Using this marvelous service with a smartphone is, without any doubt, incredibly handy. Find out below how to make use of the Netflix Android application.

Netflix android app

This app is as “large” as 14 MB

  • First of all, launch the Google Market on your device and seek for “Netflix” out there.

netflix app

In order to proceed further, you should give access to these functions and information

  • In the list of apps that were displayed, there are a few apps developed by Netflix. Find the app under the exact name “Netflix” and click on it (it must be the first one).

netflix application

After installing the Netflix Android application, you can enjoy viewing your favorite movies with a smartphone anytime

  • Right after it, you will get to see the page of the Netflix Android application, and you New have to click on “Install.” Immediately after clicking on that button, you should agree with the terms of use by clicking on the “Agree” button.

netflix app android

This way the app’s icon looks on the work desk

  • Once you have done it, the app will be downloaded and installed onto your phone. After it, find the shortcut on your phone’s desk and give it a click.

netflix application android

After logging in to Netflix, you need to choose your profile

  • You will see the app’s title page, and you need to enter your email address and password in order to log in. Then, click on the “Sign in” button.


By opening a menu on the left, you are able to browse movies in a much more convenient way

  • After doing so, you will have to choose the profile under which you want to view the content. Choose the profile you wish by clicking on it and proceed further.

smartphone netflix

This is the appearance of the Netflix’s main page in the app, once you have signed in

  • That was the last step in the Netflix sign in process. The page will be pretty similar to the one you used to see on your PC/laptop, displaying movies and TV series by categories. If you want to access the menu and/or settings of your profile, you need to click on the button, located in the left-upper part of the screen. In the upper part of the menu, there will be a list of movie categories, which makes browsing the content much easier. At the bottom, you will such options like “App Settings”, “Account”, etc. There, you can actually change the settings of the app and of your Netflix account.

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