Netflix App Was the Most Profitable in 2017

SensorTower has released a report that summarized the top mobile applications, games, and publishers in 2017 (the report can be found here). It was found that the Netflix app was the most profitable application in 2017. Previously, this place of the most profitable non-game mobile application was occupied by such giants like Spotify (in 2016) and LINE (in 2015).


According to the statistics, mobile users spent on applications in Google Play and App Store more than $60 billions. Netflix comes to lead the list of non-game mobile apps by revenues, whereas the subscriber revenues equaled to around $510 last year, which is an increase of 138% from the previous year. In other words, it’s about 2.4 times more than what the users spent in 2016 ($215 million).

Even though the Netflix app was the top application by revenues in general and in Apple Store, in Google Play it occupied only the sixth place, being beaten by Tinder, Google Drive, LINE, Pandora, and HBO NOW. Tinder, a location-based social search mobile application, also occupied the second place by revenues in Apple Store and in general, right after Netflix. HBO NOW and Google Drive didn’t it make to be among the top apps in Apple Store by revenues, but they are featured in the list of top 10 apps be revenues in general (seventh and ninth places accordingly).

Netflix App Was the Most Profitable in 2017

The Netflix app grew 138% revenues on an annual basis, thus being the most profitable app in 2017

Apart from this rapid jump by the Netflix app, it is worth to emphasize that Tencent Video, a video streaming app from the Chinese company, significantly grew during the last year. In occupied the third place in Apple Store and the fifth place in general by revenues, but didn’t make it to the top 10 in Google Play. That is particularly interesting, as China tends to be the home and the largest market for a large number of Android smartphones.

When it comes to the top of mobile games by revenues, Monster Strike, a juggernaut game from Mixi, appeared to be the highest earning and the top grossing mobile game in 2017, occupying the first place in Google Play and overall rating. Honor of Kings, a game by Tencent, occupied the first place in Apple Store and the second place in general – that is because Google Play is not available in China, which tends to be the largest market of this game. Lineage II: Revolution from the Korean company Netmarble was also featured in the top of this list – it may be expected, however, that the next year we will see it higher in the ranking.

The list of top mobile publishers by revenues is led by Tencent in all categories, followed by NetEase, IAC, and Netflix. Such publishers like Tencent, Gameloft and Electronic Arts can boast the most game downloads, while Facebook and Google lead the list of the top non-game and overall downloads.

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