Guide to Watching Netflix Movies on LG G6 Screens

After the release of the LG G6 device, which supports viewing streams in both Dolby Vision and HDR 10, the customers of Netflix have been happy to hear that a new rollout of the Netflix app (version 5.0) took place, which allows the users to watch movies in HDR 10 quality. This update of the Netflix app comes quite on time, as there is, indeed, a lack of content available in HDR 10. However, there are a few admonitions one must be aware of before attempting to play Netflix movies on LG G6 devices.


Once the LG G6 was released, the customers were thrilled by its support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. However, that is not the only device to receive certification of the HDR Premium from the UHD Alliance – Samsung claims its S8 to be the first device to receive it, though it still does not support HDR 10.

So if you want to watch Netflix movies on LG G6 devices in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision Quality, you should be aware of a couple of aspects. First of all, make sure that the version of your Netflix app is 5.0, or you will not be able to watch movies in HDR 10 otherwise. If you still have not updated the application, you can download the latest version by accessing this link.

Netflix movies on LG G6

Many users reported lamented that it was barely possible to watch Netflix movies on LG G6 screens in HDR and Dolby Vision due to a number of issues, and our guide will show how to solve them

Once you have got updated, you may have a need to check your account. Indeed, HDR 10 is not completely 4k, yet is technically available only with the Netflix Premium Subscription, which costs $11.99. So if you have only Basic Subscription Plan ($7.99) or Standard HD Plan ($9.99), you need to upgrade your account to the Premium HD Plan in order to get an opportunity to watch Netflix movies on LG G6 in HDR 10. Don’t forget that Premium HD Plan also allows you to watch movies at 4 screens at once.

After you have completed two of the above mentioned actions, you need to seek for HDR content available at Netflix. And even though there are not so many movies available in HDR and there is no HDR category, you should simply type “HDR” in the field of search. After doing so, all movies available in HDR will appear. Up to date, there are almost 20 original Netflix movies to choose from, including Sandy Wexler and Iron Fist.

Also, keep in mind that the movies are not too obviously marked about being HDR, though there is a label pointing to the HDR quality. There is also a possibility to download Dolby Vision and HDR movies for later viewing, but expect them to have a larger size than the HD movies.

Many analysts also expect that Netflix will announce its support for Samsung S8 as well. If you still have not signed up for Netflix, you can do it with the help of our guides (this, this, and this one) and get a free month of service.