The Netflix Offline Mode Feature May Be Coming Soon

During the recent time, there have been appeared the rumors about the possible introduction of the Netflix offline mode feature by the end of this year.


In particular, such a news has become known to a wider audience thanks to Dan Taitz, COO of Penthera and the Industry Insider. He stated that he knows from his sources that the company (i.e. Netflix) is working over the implementation of the “download-to-go” feature, which the company plans to introduce and offer to their customers by the end of 2016.

Dan Taitz added that “there is nothing unusual in this process; the users have been craving for this kind of feature for a long time, and we have been getting rumors about the feature-soon-to-be-introduced for months. So, Netflix is going, as a matter of act, to roll something out very soon.”

The customers of Netflix have been asking for such a feature to be implanted for several years, yet the company had retorted to such demands. A few years ago, Cliff Edward, a director of corporate communications, said that there was no option that “the customers will ever see the offline mode feature to be released.”

netflix offline mode feature

After the years of denial, the company is working on the introducing the Netflix offline mode feature at the present time

However, it seems that some of the facts have prompted the company to re-assess its strategy and policy and, after all, work over the implementation of such a feature. Ted Sarantos, CCO of Netflix, has also recently pondered about the possibility of the Netflix offline mode feature implementation, saying that the company is “looking at this option right now, so we will see what this feature will actually come to life.”

Even though Ted Sarandos said in an interview with the CNBC channel that such a shift in the policy of the company is caused by the “prevalent culture of downloading, so this is a core aspect of the behavior of the Netflix’s audience.” At the same time, the majority of the market’s analysts supposes that such a change in the company’s policy is caused by the behavior of the main rival of Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video service. As a matter of fact, Prime Video has offered the feature of offline videos to its subscribers back in November 2015, yet. So, this fact could be a far greater motivation than the behavior of the customers of Netflix.

At the same time, the analysts note that Netflix is expanding to the developing world, to such countries like India or Ukraine, where it is difficult to get a decent internet access in the deep rural areas while travelling across a country. If Netflix will introduce this feature in the coming months, it may win many customers not only in the United Stated, but especially in the developed world, since Amazon has offered its feature only to developed countries, such as Germany, the UK, and the US.

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