Movies Leaving Netflix in February 2018

While a large number of titles are going to appear on Netflix next month, this also means that many of the titles will be removed from the service. The company has already announced which TV shows and movies will depart next month, so you still have a chance to watch them. This article contains the … Read more

Netflix FAQ: What You Need to Know About Using Netflix

Before you will get to use such a popular streaming service like Netflix, you may have certain questions that it would be best to have them answered before actually starting to use the service. Otherwise, you may feel frustrated or be left with a sentiment that your expectations have not been met. Our Netflix FAQ … Read more

Netflix Has Made a Debut in Cannes

Netflix has made a debut in Cannes first time ever, which did not come without controversy and much of a storm. Even though many critics hoped that the prestigious French movie festival would mostly focus actually on the movies, their hopes have been crashed so far. The first movie to present Netflix was Okja, a … Read more

Strengthening Your Netflix Account Security

There is no doubt that the Netflix account security is important and requires a particular attention of yours. Indeed, malefactors are unable to do much of the harm by accessing your account on Netflix, yet it may cause many headaches and woes you would rather prefer to avoid. However, the video streaming service has provided … Read more

Netflix App Was the Most Profitable in 2017

SensorTower has released a report that summarized the top mobile applications, games, and publishers in 2017 (the report can be found here). It was found that the Netflix app was the most profitable application in 2017. Previously, this place of the most profitable non-game mobile application was occupied by such giants like Spotify (in 2016) … Read more