Guide to Watching Netflix Movies on LG G6 Screens

After the release of the LG G6 device, which supports viewing streams in both Dolby Vision and HDR 10, the customers of Netflix have been happy to hear that a new rollout of the Netflix app (version 5.0) took place, which allows the users to watch movies in HDR 10 quality. This update of the … Read more

Netflix Releases in February 2018

As every month, Netflix is going to present its customers with a large number of new TV shows and movies in the oncoming month. In particular, the list of Netflix releases in February 2018 includes such movies like Aeon Flux, The Hurt Locker, another season of the Bates Motel, Kill Bill, and the American Pie’s … Read more

How to Change Your Netflix Plan

Sometimes any user may have a need to change his/her Netflix plan to the cheaper or more expensive one. Netflix provides such an opportunity to its customers, though the new plan will be applied from the beginning of the next billing period (since you have already paid for the current billing period). So if you … Read more

Movies Leaving Netflix in December 2017

As it has been already mentioned a number of times in our articles and FAQs, Netflix does not hold rights on all the movies and TV series available via its services. Therefore, they disappear as soon as the license agreements come to an end (you can read more about it in our Netflix FAQ). Indeed, … Read more