How to Connect Pinterest Account to Gmail

Gmail is nowadays the largest email service provider in the world, whereas it can boast to have an audience as large as more than 1 billion users. Thankfully, Pinterest allows its users to link their accounts to numerous email services and social networks, including such an email service like Gmail. So, if you want to … Read more

How to Configure Basic Settings on Pinterest

Actually, there are quite many things you can configure in your Pinterest account. One of such things you are able to configure is the part of the basic settings. Our guidelines will demonstrate you how to configure basic settings on Pinterest step by step. Some of the basic settings you configure when you sign up … Read more

How to Connect Pinterest Account to Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest tech companies, as well as it appears to be quite a popular social network with a monthly audience of around 320 million users. Thus, it is not something surprising that more and more people tend to use this social network. A really great thing about Pinterest is that you … Read more

How to Enable Pinterest 2-Step Verification

In order to ensure the safety of your Pinterest account, we recommend you to enable Pinterest 2-step verification. It implies that you will be asked to enter an SMS verification code each time you will try to log in to your Pinterest account, and this highly improves the security of your account. You need to … Read more

How to Claim a Website on Pinterest

If you are an owner of a website, you can link it to your Pinterest account. Then, all the images you will post on this social network will be linked to your website. This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to claim a website on Pinterest without much of an effort. You should simply follow the instructions, … Read more