How to Change Language in Skype

If you have installed a Skype application onto your smartphone yet you are not completely comfortable with English, you can easily change the language of the app. Moreover, you will not even need to read the instructions as much (though, we recommend you to stick to them), as you can simply follow the set of actions, depicted on the images. All in all, this guide will demonstrate how to change language in Skype, and you will see that it is something really easy to do.


how to change language in skype

You should begin with tapping on this icon and launching Skype

  • The first thing you should if finding the Skype icon on your smartphone and tapping on it. That will launch the mobile app.

how to change skype language

The next step of yours must be tapping on your profile photo in Skype

  • Following it, you will get to see the page of chats in Skype. There, you have to tap on the profile photo of yours that is located in the top part of the page – that will allow you to access the page of your Skype account’s settings.

how to alter language in skype

If you want to change language in Skype, you need to scroll down a bit until you will find the “Language” section

  • On the page of the settings of your Skype account, you will get to see different options yet you have to scroll down a bit.

how to alter skype language

You can change language in Skype simply by accessing this section (you need to tap on it)

  • Once you have found the “Language” section, you should stop scrolling down and tap on that section.

how to configure language in skype

At this point, you should actually select the language you want to apply for your Skype app

  • So, now you have got to see the place where you can change the interface language in Skype. You will notice that the device language is set there by default.

how to configure skype language

You have to select a language you want to apply simply by tapping on it

  • Now, you should make up your mind regarding which language you want to apply to your Skype app. Once you have done it, you should simply select that language from the list by simply tapping on it.
  • In a moment, you will notice that your Skype mobile app will be turned into an app in a language you have specified. Now, you can freely use Skype in your native language.

how to apply a new language in skype

In a moment, the app will be displayed in a language you have just selected

  • If you will ever have a need to change the interface language again, you should simply follow the same set of actions.

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