How to Change Name in Skype

During the very moment when you sign up for Skype, you are asked to provide your first and last name. The first and last name you have specified later get displayed to all your contacts and users. Therefore, you may sometimes have a need to change that name in Skype, so a different name will be displayed to your friends and contacts. This guide will demonstrate you how to change name in Skype step by step, and this procedure takes only one minimum of your time at maximum. You should simply follow the instructions, published on this page.


how to change name in skype

The first step you should make is to find the Skype icon on your smartphone and tap on it

  • In the first place, you should find the Skype app icon on your smartphone and tap on it. That will let you launch the mobile application.

how to change skype name

You can change name in Skype in your profile’s settings, and you can enter there by clicking on this profile photo of your account

  • Once you have successfully accessed the Skype mobile app, you will get to see the page with your chats in Skype. There, however, you need to draw your attention to the upper part of the screen – you will see a profile photo placed in the center there. You need to tap on that photo.

how to change username in skype

If you want to change name in Skype with ease, you should tap on this “Edit” icon

  • Following it, you will access the page of your Skype profile’s settings, and that is exactly the place where you can change your name.

how to change skype username

You have to enter a new Skype name in the first field

  • You will notice that your name is displayed right at the top of that page. If you want to change that name, you should tap on the “Edit” icon in a form of a pencil, placed nearby (see the screenshot).
  • Right after doing so, you will notice how you will get an ability to edit your Skype name. If you want to correct your Skype name, you should erase the first field and enter the name you would like to display. The second field is dedicated to the status message of yours in Skype.

how to alter name in skype

Once you are done with configuring a new name in Skype, you should tap on this button

  • Once you are done with editing your Skype name, you can save it. In order to do that, you should tap on the “OK” button, which appeared on the place of the “Edit” button.

how to make a new name in skype

Eventually, you will notice that a new name will immediately be applied to your Skype account

  • Immediately after doing so, you will notice how the newly set up Skype name of yours will be applied to your account. Likewise, your friends and contacts will also get to see the new name of yours.

If you still don’t have Skype, follow this guide and learn how to install it and register an account.